UK's Racial Czar Says Immigrants From Eastern Europe Are Deeply Racist
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Trevor Phillips, pictured below, is the head of Britains's Orwellian Commission For Racial Equality, which is why he's referred to by the Daily Mail as "Race Boss." He's the author of a book called Windrush: The Irresistible Rise of Multiracial Britain, and he's not happy about white immigration to Britain.

Race boss claims EU migrants are bigots | the Daily Mail 23rd October 2006 Trevor Phillips

Thousands of white immigrants from eastern Europe are deeply racist, the head of the race relations watchdog has warned.

Speaking about the tensions in British communities, Trevor Phillips said many arrivals from former Soviet countries displayed prejudice against black people.

He's probably right, (another unexpected consequence of immigration)but this is the sort of generalization about race that is illegal in Britain.

Taki Theodoracopulos found himself being investigated by the British police for a piece called Thoughts on Thuggery, [Spectator, January 11, 2003] Is Mr. Phillips going to be investigated, (either by himself, or by Scotland Yard) for his insults to the Romanian and Bulgarian peoples? I doubt it.You could ask the CRE here.

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