Ann Coulter On C-Span Quotes's Brimelow—A Racist Is Someone Winning An Argument With A Liberal.
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This C-Span clip of Ann Coulter on the Washington Journal:

Shows Ann reacting to this tweet:

Alien Nation: Common Sense About Americas Immigration Disasterby saying that's Peter Brimelow had said thirty years ago that a racist was someone winning an argument with a liberal. The full quote below:

“Because the term “racist” is now so debased, I usually shrug such smears off by pointing to its new definition: anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal.Or, too often, a libertarian. And, on the immigration issue, even some confused conservatives.”
That's from Alien Nation, page 10. (Actually only 21 years ago,  but it was true as long ago as 1964.) And it's really true, as Ann says, since Trump started winning arguments.

Watch the entire C-Span show below:

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