Ann Corcoran Reports The State Department Suppressing Refugee Comments
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Ann Corcoran  of  Refugee Resettlement Watch reports that the State Department, having asked for comments on the new refugee policies, won't let anyone know what's been said. She got an e-mail from the State Department saying

The Department of State values the input you have provided to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. We also received your request to have access to comments made by other members of the public. We regret that we are unable to fulfill this request, due to privacy considerations. The Federal Register notice did not indicate that comments submitted would be made public.

US State Department to keep testimony secret! No public record available of recent hearing, Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 4, 2014

She's going to try a Freedom of Information Act request and says "If you would like to see your testimony in print, send it to us."[Email   Refugee Resettlement Watch ] Last night at we posted what Brenda Walker told the State Department: Brenda Walker’s Testimony To The State Department: “America’s Refugee Policy—A Bad Idea Poorly Executed.”
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