"Anarchy in Chicago": Ready for Part II?
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Hang onto your matriculas, everybody! Chicago's illegal alien population and their anarchist apologists will hit the bricks again on July 19, and this time they mean business:

In recent weeks, some of the organizers' rhetoric and positions have become more forceful. After expressing general support for immigrants in the first two marches, many organizers now say they want a plan that legalizes all immigrants, They say they will not accept a compromise. ["Immigration activists to go back on march," Chicago Tribune, July 14.]

Did you get that? Advocates for lawbreakers say they are unwilling to at least meet supporters of the rule of law half way on what U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlo Gutierrez says is the key social issue facing the U.S. What's going on here?

"We will show them that we are not afraid and that we will stand up," says Claudio Gaete, an organizer with the Coalition of African, Asian, Arab, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois—a participant in Wednesday's march—compared recent raids on workplaces that employ illegal immigrants to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. In both cases, he said, the government targeted a specific ethnic group.

Whew! Are you people feeling guilty yet? I say bring it on, Claudio. Bring on "El Pistolero." By all means, demonstrate once again to the people of Chicago - and the nation - just how much you despise the rule of law and the sovereignty of the American people. Show up again waving the American flag instead of the ones your participants would much rather be showcasing. We're on to you and your ilk and have but one question: Why aren't illegal aliens back in their own countries showing the same arrogant resolve and determination they have to circumvent our immigration laws to make their homelands a place where they want to live and work? Why aren't they demanding of those governments what they have no right to demand of ours? I think the answer is pretty obvious, Claudio: They're cowards.

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