Chinese: The Exemplary Immigrants
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Britain’s The Guardian yesterday published a fine, utterly chilling investigative report:

'It is down your street and in your lane' Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy Saturday October 11, 2008, deals with the enormous racket which has sprung up in Britain involving Chinese immigrants from the province of Fujian bringing into the country astonishingly large numbers of early-teenage girls from their own province on false pretences, and then forcing them into prostitution.

It is evident there are incredible profits to be made. Last year, police discovered £?93m transferred back to China via one bank account held by a Chinese restaurant in Kent - money suspected to have been earned through trafficking and brothel-keeping.

An interesting aspect of this business is that it exploits Britain’s naive asylum laws. The Guardian reporters had a brave Chinese woman researcher, who got it explained to her by a professional people smuggler:

Our researcher would be first flown or driven to Russia, where Chinese people require no visa. Then they might fly on directly to the UK, probably avoiding Heathrow…

Our researcher will be given a UK sim card to hide in her luggage, and a phone number to write on her bra strap. She is to activate her phone and make the call on landing, and meet a Fujianese contact. "Hang around the airport before going through immigration," Liang says, "so they have no idea which flight you came in on, otherwise they could send you back. Then go to immigration and say you're a teenage asylum seeker. They have to let you in, and Britain will allow you to stay until you are 18."…

What those sending the children to Britain appeared to have hit upon…was the specifics of British law, and in particular the breadth of the 1989 Children Act, whereby foreign teenagers travelling alone who claimed asylum had to be allowed into the country and cared for by a local authority as a "child in need" until they were 18

Once at the government hostel, they promptly leave, falling into the hands of the Chinese gangsters in the UK. Or sometimes

the children (present)addresses and names of relatives in the UK, hoping to bypass the local authority's hostels…one immigration official who, reviewing case files, discovered that his Gatwick team had released more than 100 Chinese children to the same "uncle".

The Guardian team estimate that more than 4,000 young Chinese are in effect enslaved in the brothel system in Britain.

What is really alarming about this story is that the team went to Fuijan (which, they point out, is actually one of the wealthier provinces in China) to find - utter indifference. The only thing of interest to the locals was money. Just as an insight into the corrupting effect on the émigré countries of mass exodus, the story is superb and well worth reading.

Constantly we are told that the Chinese are wonderful immigrants, industrious and enterprising. And these Chinese racketeers in the U.K. are certainly both! But one has to ask: if they treat people from their own province like this, how can they be expected to treat the rest of us, given the chance?

The evidence is, as the recent milk powder scandal is also showing, Chinese culture is morally flawed, and living with too many of them is going to be a problem.

Of course, exactly the same Chinese prostitution racketeering is doubtless happening in America, only on a bigger scale. But with criticism of Immigration being so un-PC, the MSM will not investigate.


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