Mexican Day Labor vs. American Union Labor
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Re:The Fulford File, By James Fulford Labor Day vs. Day Labor

James Fulford put his finger on it! "Scabs" — that is the key to the PR campaign to get under the leftists' skin and point out the horrible contradictions in their pro-labor, pro-immigrant positions. When speaking of Mexicans call them scab labor. Ask your local liberal why he wants to import scab labor and drive Americans out of their jobs. If he says "all labor deserves respect" or some such crap, ask him whether scabs deserve that respect, too. Tell him you are a working man, and refuse to go to his local watering hole because they employ scab Mexican workers in the back. If he says "they aren't scabs, there is no strike", ask him what the difference is between a scab and anyone else who comes into a factory to drive down wages. If he says "but they are just trying to get a job and work to take care of their families" tell him that is exactly what a scab is, someon who will undercut the living wage of a working man to drive him out of work and starve his children so the scab can work for even less than a living wage—which of course is easy for him to do since he has no family to support, like all those illegal Mexicans. I'm telling you, the concept of scab needs to be expaded in our lexicon to cover illegals driving down wages. That, I firmly believe is the weak point, the chink in the lefty armor. Whatever argument they put up defending Mexicans, they cannot deny that they work for less than a living wage, and force people currently in their jobs to lose them. They must be forced to confront their covert and latent hatred for the American working man that has been fulminating since hardhats with Amerrican flags back in 1968. They must be forced to actively and outspokenly reject the working man (or join sides with us) so we can move on.

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