AMERICAN SPECTATOR: "A Most Expected Backlash"
August 14, 2018, 07:01 PM
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From The American Spectator:

A Most Expected Backlash

August 10, 2018, 1:34 am

The Left might not have counted on ordinary Americans not buying their narratives.

There is an essential read by Steve Sailer at Taki’s Magazine from a week ago which might well explain the cultural and political landscape better than anything else you’ve seen in recent vintage. It’s entitled “A Half Century of Amnesia,” and you should take the time to have a look.

Sailer makes several important points, which could very easily be lost to readers not courageous enough to wade through obvious, though perhaps politically incorrect, facts, in recognizing the current cultural atmosphere which has not only given us Donald Trump in the White House but an apparent brewing sea change in the culture which the academic and media-elite Left simply isn’t recognizing (Caitlan Flanagan’s surprising piece on Jordan Peterson’s growing celebrity at the Atlantic notwithstanding). Chief among those is Sailer’s central point; namely that the Left has declared war on straight American white people for decades — and there is a natural price to pay for that hostility.

That sounds like a wild accusation, and it certainly feels strange to levy it, but how can anyone disagree? This is a season, after all, in which the New York Times has gone totally off the deep end — embracing as part of its editorial staff a stunning mediocrity of a writer named Sarah Jeong whose Twitter is a fountain of anti-white racism so dependable as to put half of Yellowstone to shame, and which not so long ago ran a piece in its sports section decrying The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball, decrying the fact that Major League rosters contain a proportion of white players which conforms to the population as a whole.

Let me add that there are game-theoretic reasons why a diverse political coalition of “the marginalized” (i.e., from the fringes of traditional American culture) would need to demonize the traditional core of American culture just to keep from flying apart due to their diversity. This seems to be the essential tragedy of 21st Century American politics — that the Democrats feel the need for internal reasons to pile on the hate. At minimum, we need to notice this logic and … make fun of it until lots more people notice just how sleazy and self-serving the growing hate whitey rhetoric is.

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