America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Now Chairs Two Subcommittees
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Senator Sessions was cheated out of the Chairmanship of the Budget Committee by his “friend” Mike Enzi who had official seniority (the result of a coin toss) and insisted on the Chair, even though Sessions had earned it as an effective Ranking Member.

At any rate, Sessions now runs two subcoms rather than one biggie. I have no idea whether that is an equitable trade-off in the Washington merry-go-round of power. Clearly the Alabama Senator intends to make it work. One gig is running the Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee but the more important position for the friends of American sovereignty is as Chair of the newly renamed (by Sessions) “Immigration and the National Interest” subcommittee.

The change reflects his attitude that immigration should do no harm to American citizens, particularly people who work for a living, or try to.

Sessions’ recent paper distributed to GOP members prior to a major meeting, Immigration Handbook for the New Republican Majority includes a section on effective messaging. One criticism from that paper: “Democrats fight with more passion in defense of illegal immigrants than Republicans fight in defense of American workers.”

Hopefully he will hold many fascinating hearings — immigration is a monster topic that touches nearly every area of society. Here are a few thoughts:

Should America stop immigration from Muslim nations?

When will America be full, population-wise? Is one billion (projected for late in the century) too many?

Given the rapid replacement of humans by smart machines in the workplace, should immigration be ended?

Following is the press release from the Sessions office referring to the committee situation:
Sessions Named Chairman of Two Key Senate Subcommittees, January 22, 2014

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) issued the following statement today after being named Chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee on Armed Services and the Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee on Judiciary:

“I am honored to have the opportunity to chair these two crucial subcommittees.

My focus as Chairman of the Strategic Forces subcommittee will include: ensuring a modernized nuclear arsenal, strengthening our ballistic missile defense programs, advancing our space program, producing an American-built rocket engine to end U.S. dependence on Russia’s RD-180, and developing the technology and strategies necessary to deter any aggression, including cyber-attacks, against the United States or her interests.

America faces a litany of global threats and emerging dangers; it is more important than ever to have the most sophisticated and cost-effective defense programs that deliver the capabilities promised.

My focus as Chairman of the Immigration subcommittee will be to advance the core interests of the nation and its people. On no issue have special interests had a tighter grip than on the issue of immigration.

That is why I am renaming the subcommittee ‘Immigration and the National Interest,’ as a declaration to the American people that this subcommittee belongs to them. Senator Vitter, a strong voice for the national interest, will be serving as Republican Deputy Chairman. The financial and political elite have been controlling this debate for years; this subcommittee will give voice to those whose voice has been shut out: the voice of the dedicated immigration officers who have been blocked from doing their jobs; the voice of the working families whose wages have been reduced by years of record immigration; the voice of the American IT workers who are being replaced with guest workers; the voice of the parents who are worried about their schools and hospitals; and the voice of all Americans who believe we must have a lawful system of immigration they can be proud of and that puts their interests first.

Our first urgent task in this regard is for the Senate GOP to rally the nation behind an effort to halt the President’s unlawful amnesty.

Additionally, there is a great deal of misinformation about what actions must actually be taken to create a sound immigration system. Our subcommittee will seek to serve all members, and the public, as a hub for the facts, data, statistics, and evidence they can rely upon for honest information. I became a prosecutor believing that there is a truth, and that a proper analysis of the facts will lead us to that truth. The challenge is large but the task is just, and rests on the solid moral foundation of our citizens’ legitimate demands. I look forward to working with my colleagues towards this end.”

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