America's Senator Jeff Sessions Explains His Condemnation of McCaul Border Bill
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Jeff Sessions appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Monday morning and spelled out the problems with Mike McCall’s flawed enforcement legislation. Senator Sessions criticized the bill before mark-up and has not changed his mind about the House bill which has passed out of committee.

Listen to the audio link below (also, spare audio at Breitbart):

Laura Ingraham Radio

Here’s is a partial transcript:

SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS: The biggest danger to me is that we will say we’ve fixed the matter when we’ve fixed the border and nothing else has to be done, and the special interest forces that are so effective in blocking things that will actually work will redouble their efforts and block the things that need to be done. I do believe this bill is not strong, won’t make a big difference, Border Patrol agents have just hammered it and said it’s not going to be effective. It takes fencing — we passed a bill 5-6 years ago — 6-year fence act, requiring 700 miles of fencing. We only have 30-something now. This will take it to ‘80 or so.

So, see that’s not a big deal. It doesn’t add any Border Patrol officers, doesn’t end the catch and release, it may not be McCaul’s jurisdiction, but we’ve got to be sure that this idea where you capture people at the border and then they’re released in the United States, asked to come back to court, and of course they never come back to court that’s got to end, and this bill doesn’t deal with that.

He went on to say the requirement for an entry-exit visa system is already on the books, along with the border fence, but it needs to be enforced, not ignored, by the executive branch.

Senator Sessions further remarked that the immigration system needs to be lawful and “I’m going to be laying out details how to get there. This can be done, Laura, it’s not that hard. A lot of people think it’s hopeless; it is NOT hopeless. Enforcing current law would be effective.”

So stay tuned to America’s Senator!

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