AltRight, Jessica Weisberg, Tim Mak, And The Great Chimera Of Race
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I gave two phone interviews today, one to American Prospect's Jessica Weisberg, who seems to be working on another version of the John-Tanton-is-the root-of all-evil meme, and FrumForum's Tim Mak about Richard Spencer's Alternative Right. (AltRight seems to be upsetting the political hegemonists. Here's another attack, ludicrously blaming AltRight on me.)Long experience has taught me to have no particular hope of accuracy or even elementary fairness in articles resulting from this sort of interview. But it struck me that they both ended on the same note. Ms. Weisberg asked me what were Tanton's "real" motives. (Answer: he's really interested in TREES, dammit! MORE PEOPLE MEAN FEWER TREES! How much clearer can he make it?) Mak asked me, rather nervously, didn't I think that covering human biodiversity would lead to accusations of racism. (Answer:everything leads to accusations of racism—deal with it.)
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