Althea Bernstein Speaks: Does My Skin Color Offend You? Does My Success Scare You?
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From the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:

Demonstration in Madison remains relatively peaceful

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A crowd demonstrating for racial justice blocked traffic, but otherwise remained relatively peaceful in downtown Madison.

… The protest was in contrast to three previous nights when demonstrations turned destructive with some people shattering windows, lighting fires and looting stores.

One of the demonstrators was Althea Bernstein, the 18-year-old Black woman who was lit on fire as she sat in her car at a Madison intersection waiting for the light to change in June. Bernstein told police a group of white men squirted lighter fluid in her face and ignited it. Police have released little information about the attack.

Bernstein said she only recently returned downtown to protest and that it felt empowering, the State Journal reported.

“It’s been mentally exhausting. There’s good days and bad days,” Bernstein told the crowd. “I realized I need to be down here. I’m an EMT, I’m here for medical service. Does my skin color offend you? Does my success scare you? Does the fact that I’m a Black woman make you worried that change in going to happen?”

Althea really wants to win the coveted 2020 Jussie Award for Funniest Hate Hoax.

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