Third Night Of RNC FINALLY Features Victim Of Immigrant Crime
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The Republican National Convention shamefully disinvited angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza Tuesday night over a media hit job. It partially made up for this disgrace by featuring Sam Vigil as a Wednesday night speaker. Vigil’s wife was murdered by an illegal immigrant, a crime which he retold in grim detail [RNC 2020: Widower Sam Vigil endorses Trump, lauds ‘Operation Legend,’ by Ebony Bowden, New York Post, August 26, 2020].

Vigil thanked Trump for devoting federal law enforcement resources to solving illegal immigrant crimes like that of his wife’s murder and bringing her killer to justice.

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It was a moving speech that reinforced Trump’s law and order appeal and reminded Americans of the dangers of illegal immigration. It’s unfortunate this message  hasn’t been conveyed every night of the convention, but it is still good that it’s being conveyed at all. The Democrats, of course, would never even acknowledge the heartbreak of Vigil and thousands of other Americans who lost loved ones to noncitizens. They’re just a statistic.

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