All On Film...Black Security Guard Randomly Shot In Back Of Head By Black Suspect; Black Witness Shakes Head And Walks Away; Three Blacks Appear And One Steals From Dead Black Security Guard
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Say it like a mantra. Black. Lives. Matter.

Shocking surveillance footage shows security guard, 51, being shot in the back of the head and robbed before another man steals items from his dead body, Daily Mail, April 20, 2022
  • Anthony Frazier, 51, was shot and killed outside an American Seafood and Wings—where he was a security guard—in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday
  • Police released surveillance footage of the attack, showing the perpetrator shooting Frazier in the back of the head
  • The unidentified man appears to steal Frazier’s service weapon and another item before calmly walking past a witness
  • The witness, who police are looking to question, sat on the sidewalk smoking before shaking his head as he walked passed Frazier’s body
  • Three others appear moments later and one of them appears to steal from Frazier while the other two watch
  • Medics declared Frazier dead at the scene and the motive is unknown

Surveillance footage shows the gruesome moment a security guard was shot in the back of the head at close range before being robbed.

Anthony Frazier, 51, was shot and killed outside an American Seafood and Wings, where he worked as a security guard, on Cleveland Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday around 7pm by an unidentified man wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt.

Surveillance video released by police shows Frazier exiting the SUV, looking behind him as his attacker rounds the corner and another man sits on the curb smoking. Seemingly unaware of the upcoming attack, Frazier calmly gets out of his car and lights his own cigarette.

His attacker reportedly shot him in the back of his head, which is not shown in the edited surveillance footage, before walking away.

Seconds later, the attacker turns back around and can be seen taking what appears to be Frazier’s service weapon, shoving it into the waistband of his jeans.

He appears to take something else, but it is unclear what the object is, before he calmly walks back past the witness, who police are also looking for.

The witness – an older man wearing a gray jacket, jeans, and a hat – walks by Frazier and shakes his head without stopping.

Shortly after, three others – two men and one woman – round the corner. One of the group members, who is wearing a black shirt with a design on the back, appears to take something off Frazier’s body, but it is unclear what it is.

The other man, wearing a Pizza Hut shirt, watches as the woman stands back and observes.

It is unclear if the three have any relation to the shooter.

Emergency services and police reportedly arrived moments after the trio left the scene. The victim was declared dead on the sidewalk, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Restaurant customers were surprised to learn of the killing. Regular Kam Kae told Channel 2 News: ‘[He’s] so attentive, he’s always watched the door. Why would somebody do that to him?’

Kae said Frazier used to sit in the ‘back booth every single day’ and ‘didn’t bother nobody.’ She also said the owners ‘hired security just their safety, as well as, the consumers’ safety.’

‘He was a good guy,’ she said. ‘I can’t even put together why they would do that to him, that doesn’t even make sense.’

Atlanta has suffered more than 50 homicides this year, with 13 homicides happening in the last month. A total of 170 robberies have also taken place and more than 6,000 crimes happening in total, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

And all this happened in Atlanta, where in January of 2019, Confederate Avenue became United Avenue.

Seriously, all of this is all on surveillance film. A black security guard gets shot by a black gangbanger in the back of the head, who then steals his gun and other items. A black witness, smoking a cigarette, watches it all, shakes his head and walks away. Three blacks then approach the black security guards dead body, and one of them steals something from his person.

Black. Lives. Matter.

In a city Too Busy to Hate, remnants of the Confederacy are gone, but there’s nothing united about the black community.

Can’t blame this on white people. And why in the world does a seafood restaurant in a black neighborhood need a security guard?

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