Albuquerque Shooter Apparently Not An Immigrant
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The shooter in the Emcore shootings in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is named Robert Reza, and is apparently an American. Not that they'll tell us.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of Robert Reza, of New Mexico, who apparently shot his girlfriend and some other people at Emcore. Whenever we hear of a shooting like this, we wonder wheather it's a case of what we call "Immigrant Mass Murder," like the Virginia Tech shootings. In this case, probably not.

I came to that conclusion largely by stereotyping—Reza is in an area with many assimilated Hispanic Americans, he's called Robert instead of Roberto, he worked for a technology company rather than a landscaper, and now that I see him, he doesn't look like a Mexican Indian. However, if anybody actually knows, please email me.

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