Alaska's Palin Nomination To Reignite Immigration issue?
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The McCain Campaign's moronic Affirmative Actioning in selecting Alaska's first-term Governor Sarah Palin for their VP candidate is of course foolish. Republicans can only win by ensuring a high turn out by their key constituency, white men of Christian heritage. Yet another sign that they are to be discriminated against by a McCain Administration may well keep a critical number at home on Election Day.

Congratulations to our old friend and sometime contributor Kevin Michael Grace, for the best comment so far on this, part of a brilliant satirical essay on his blog The Ambler:

Dan Quayle, however, struck a discordant note. Reached at his home in Paradise Valley, AZ, the former Vice President declared, "You remember the s—t I went through when Bush picked me in '88? I was 'too young' and 'too inexperienced.' Well, compared to this broad, I was Daniel F——g Webster." Quayle refused further comment, mumbling enigmatically, "It's Miller time."
(Hat Tip, Steve Sailer)

Others in the Immigration Control movement besides ourselves are wondering about Sarah Palin's stance on immigration. The Diggers Realm blog has been hard at work, coming up with a photograph of Palin as Miss Wasilla in 1984 and adding some incisive comment:

she's unknown and unexpected and after looking around, severely inexperienced to run this country should John McCain die in office.

Once again, as with illegal immigration, John McCain is playing Russian Roulette with this country. Nobody in this election has been thinking about America. This choice proves that McCain cares more about being elected than the future of our country.

(McCain Picks Beauty Pageant Journalist Sarah Palin As Running Mate)

Digger's Realm does point out one positive:

On the positive side of it, she does have more experience actually running something than Obama, who so far in his career has only pushed a button voting yeah or nay on something.
Unfortunately, as has noted, Alaska is far from insulated from the impact of mass immigration. The crucial Fish Canning business has been substantially de-Americanized and those relying on the work impoverished. Palin must know this—especially as her husband works as a Bristol Bay salmon fisherman in season. Her silence on the issue is ominous: business owners in this tiny community have probably got to her.

And, of course as Digger's Realm says

All I can assume is that she is in lockstep with McCain's amnesty since amnesty for illegal aliens is an issue he has such a passion for that he has gotten angry at anyone who questions him on it - including voters
Subsequently, Digger's Realm has posted a Bleg:
There is absolutely no stance or action on illegal immigration recorded on Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin anywhere in statements or press releases. We have absolutely no idea where she stands on the border fence, birthright citizenship, workplace enforcement, sanctuary cities and in general, amnesty. This is disturbing for a running mate that could potentially end up as the commander in chief should McCain die in office. I have looked far and wide for information and come up blank…

If anyone can find information on Sarah Palin's stance on illegal immigration please send it on by posting a comment below or through the contact link at the top and bottom of this site. Thank you

Sarah Palin On Illegal Immigration - Who Knows? strongly endorses this project.

A happy thought: perhaps by picking Palin, from a state with a narrow undiversified industrial base, where a key cash employer has pigged out on imported labor, McCain may have inadvertently brought his hated issue back on stage. hopes we all hear more about the Fish Cannery business in Alaska in the coming months.

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