Alabama Immigration Enforcement Liberates Jobs for Citizens
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Early results are in, and Alabamas tough immigration enforcement law is having the desired effect more jobs for citizens. One county reported 600 jobs liberated that were illegally occupied six months ago. Thats a start on freeing up the 7-8 million jobs still held by illegal aliens in Obama-run America.

Its common sense that both legal and illegal immigration should be decreased by the government during the crushing jobs depression, but the open-borders lobby is mounting a determined effort to convince the public of a monstrous falsehood: Who you gonna believe La Raza or your lyin eyes?

One loony (and ungrammatical) headline: Low-skilled immigrants means more American jobs (New York Post, Dec 19).

Plus the open-borders left has successfully recruited the foolish NAACP to attack the Alabama law, even though illegal immigration arguably harms black citizens more than any other group: Immigrant and civil rights leaders to rally in Montgomery against immigration law (WAFF News, Dec 17). Forming a political alliance with illegal alien Hispanics is apparently more important for the NAACP than improving the lives of actual black Americans.

Heres the encouraging employment update from Alabama:

Alabama jobless rate falls amid immigration reform, Daily Caller, December 18, 2011

Alabamas unemployment rate fell at a record pace in November amid stepped-up efforts by President Barack Obamas deputies to frustrate enforcement of the states popular new immigration reform.

The states unemployment rate fell 0.6 percent in November to 8.7 percent, according to new state reports, partly because the states employers opened up jobs to Americans after shedding illegal immigrants.

The unemployment rate is far below Octobers rate of 9.3 percent and Septembers rate of 9.8 percent.


The continued drop is proof that people — American Citizens [and] legal migrants, have suffered at the hands of politicians who choose politics over economics, said Chuck Ellis, a council member in Northern Alabamas Marshall County.

Whats really amazing is that in Marshall County, a county of 95,000 residents, 30,000 workforce eligible, there are over 600 people who now have jobs that they didnt have 6 months ago, he said.

In November the countys unemployment rate dropped 0.7 percent, from 8.1 percent to 7.4 percent.

Is that a difference of great significance? Ask those families for an answer as they undertake the Christmas season, Ellis said.


Department of Justice officials, including civil-regulation chief Tom Perez, have repeatedly visited the state to invite people to make claims of discrimination.

Perez is pushing ahead with a lawsuit intended to gut the reform, which was supported by members of both parties, and by both white and African-American legislators.

Perezs efforts have been broadcast by many established media outlets, many of which have also highlighted the reforms painful impact on illegal immigrants. Few outlets, however, have detailed the beneficial impact of the states falling unemployment rate.

Administration officials have cracked down on immigration enforcement by several states in partial exchange for promises by the Hispanic lobbies to spur turnout by Democratic-leaning Hispanic voters in 2012.

The lobbies had sought a federal amnesty, but rising public opposition has deterred Democrats from seriously promoting any amnesty since Obamas 2008 election.

In compensation for their inaction, the federal government and allied Hispanic lobbies have already sued several other states, including New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona.

On Thursday, Perez also announced a litany of complaints about the sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz. Perez, who opened his Thursday press conference by saying Buenos Dias, also said he would stop helping the sheriff enforce federal immigration laws.


Were going to fight back, were going to show the politics involved … the president wants to get the Hispanic vote, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in a Fox interview Dec. 16.

The Alabama reform copied federal immigration laws, making it more difficult for local entrepreneurs and businesses to hire or trade with illegal immigrants. Top state officials, including Gov. Robert Bentley, have said theyll make some trims to the law in the new year to defeat the legal challenges by Obamas deputies, business lobbies and immigration advocates.

In October, Alabama was ranked 37th-worst in the nation for unemployment. Novembers numbers pushed the state up to 30th place, based on the October rankings.

In a complex economy, its certainly plausible that immigration enforcement — and the subsequent drop in the number of illegals — enabled unemployed Americans to find work, said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a D.C. -based advocacy group.


Americans with the highest unemployment rates — young workers, less-educated workers, minority workers — are the ones facing the greatest job competition from illegal aliens, and thus would benefit the most from the departure of those illegal aliens, he added.

The states new immigration reform gets much of the credit from local boosters, although stepped-up Christmas hiring likely played some role. However, Alabama reduced its unemployment much more than the adjacent states of Mississippi and Georgia.

In Georgia, the unemployment rate fell to 9.9 percent in November, down from 10.2 percent in October and 10.3 percent in September.

In Mississippi, the November numbers have not been released, but the states unemployment rate stayed steady at 10.6 percent in October and 10.6 percent in September.

In Alabama, the unemployment rate is lower in northern counties.

For example, Madison Countys rate was 6.9 percent in November, down from a September level of 8.2 percent, according to the states Department of Industrial Relations.


The highest rate of unemployment are in the southern, majority-black districts of WIlcox, Perry, and Bullock. In November, their unemployment rates were 15.5 percent or greater.

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