Fred Thompson's Immigration Record
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Fred Thompson is considered a conservative on immigration by some people. NRO just printed a transcript of his radio speech on illegal immigration from Mexico[MP3] and funny guy Frank J. is trying to make him look like Chuck Norris.

But one of Frank J.'s commenters insists, in reply to a commenter who said "Can someone send Mr. Thompson to New Mexico to stand on our border for a day or two?"

What would be the point? Thompson's a big border security sieve just like Bush is. His record shows it. They are both sell-outs to the banking lobby which wants the illegal immigrants to pour in so they can sell them credit cards and charge them fees to send money out of the USA. Those of us who want tighter border control are never going to get it. Thompson and Bush are two politicians (among many) that are constantly screwing us over in favor of giant banks. Posted by: Sarcasm Man on March 12, 2007 03:27 PM "

And he has a point about Thompson's immigration record. Remember Al Gore, who when he was the Democratic Senator from Tennessee had an A- rating on immigration?

Thompson's record, as the Republican Senator from the same state: C.

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