John Podhoretz: "A Relentless Campaign"
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The immigration issue has risen in importance not because of real-world conditions but because of a relentless campaign to place it at the center of the national consciousness - a campaign waged primarily by intellectuals (many of them, ironically, immigrants themselves). WHY THE IMMIGRATION ANGST?,By John Podhoretz, New York Post, March 31, 25006]

Now, who exactly does he mean by that? I can guess. But here's one example: John O' Sullivan, who was born in England, who when hearing that the White House planned to "marginalize" critics of the guestworker plan, asked

"How do you marginalize 70 percent of the American people?"

And it's not Peter Brimelow, John O' Sullivan, George Borjas, or any other"immigrant himself" including the late Ernest van den Haag, writing before the 1965 act, who made that 70 percent of Americans skeptical of immigration.

In fact, it may be another set of immigrants who made them feel that way; the immigrant taking their job, the immigrant robbing a bank, the immigrant on welfare.

Just as the 70 percent of the of the American people who poll negative on immigration are far more numerous than the various immigration skeptics, with their personal experience of the immigration process, so are immigrant, (for example,) criminals more numerous than the Anglospheric contingent at Washington meetings of FAIR.

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