General Colin Powell: The Only Way to Save the Republican Party is to Destroy It
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General Colin Powell: The Only Way to Save the Republican Party is to Destroy It

Left-wing Hispanic blogger La Reyna writes: “Colin Powell states the Republican Party has a ‘dark vein of intolerance’! He’s right!”

Someone needs to tell General Powell that the war is over. This sore winner is still sabotaging the GOP, by demanding it embrace racial socialism and commit political suicide.

GEN. POWELL: I think the Republican Party right now is having an identity problem. And I’m still a Republican. I’m a Republican who grew up along with George Bush 41. I grew up with Ronald Reagan, Cap Weinberger, Frank Carlucci, that Republican Party, the Republican Party of Dick Lugar and John Tower. But in recent years, there’s been a significant shift to the right and we have seen what that shift has produced, two losing presidential campaigns.

I think what the Republican Party needs to do now is take a very hard look at itself and understand that the country has changed. The country is changing demographically. And if the Republican Party does not change along with that demographic, they’re going to be in trouble. And so, when we see that in one more generation, the minorities of America, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans will be the majority of the country, you can’t go around saying we don’t want to have a solid immigration policy. We’re going to dismiss the 47 percent. We are going to make it hard for these minorities to vote as they did in the last election. [N.S.: That’s a bald-faced lie.]

What did that produce? The court struck most of that down and most importantly, it caused people to turn out and stand in line because these Republicans were trying to keep us from voting. [There he goes again!] There’s also a dark—a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the Party. [As opposed to the virulently racist party he has openly supported the past two elections, and clandestinely helped for many years before that?] What I do mean by that? I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.

How can I evidence that? When I see a former governor say that the president is “shuckin’ and jivin,’” that’s a racial era slave term. When I see another former governor after the president’s first debate where he didn’t do very well, says that the president was “lazy.” He didn’t say he was slow, he was tired, he didn’t do well, he said he was “lazy.” Now, it may not mean anything to most Americans but to those of us who are African-Americans, the second word is “shiftless,” and then there’s a third word that goes along with it. Birther, the whole Birther Movement. Why do senior Republican leaders tolerate this kind of discussion within the Party?

[Powell has long demanded and gotten toleration for his own positions, which are completely at odds with the Party base, not to mention his support of “Obama,” yet he demands that loyal Republicans be silenced simply for being … loyal Republicans?]

I think the Party has to take a look at itself. It has to take a look at its responsibilities for health care. It has to take a look at immigration. It has to take a look at those less fortunate than us. The Party has gathered unto itself a reputation that it is the party of the rich. It is the party of lower taxes. But there are a lot of people who are lower down the food chain, the economic chain, who are also paying lots of taxes relative to their income and they need help. We need more education work being done in this country. We need a solid immigration policy. We have to look at climate change. There are a lot of things that the American people are expecting and the Republican Party, as they get ready for the next election, really has to focus on some of these issues and not ignore them.

Everybody wants to talk about who’s going to be the candidate. You better think first about what’s the party they’re actually going to represent. If it’s just going to represent the far right-wing of the political spectrum, I think the Party is in difficulty. I’m a moderate but I’m still a Republican, that’s how I was raised. And until I voted for Mr. Obama twice, I had voted for seven straight Republican presidents.

[Colin Powell to David Gregory, on Meet the Press, January 13, 2013. Transcript here.]

In German, “Gift” means poison, and Colin Powell is the Gift that keeps on giving. The influence of him and his ilk has been poisoning the GOP for generations, going back to Jackie Robinson. But unlike Powell and so many other black “Republicans,” at least Robinson was honest enough to write, “I admit freely that I think, live, and breathe black first and foremost.”

Powell was a failed affirmative action one-star general who received a terrible evaluation from his commander, Major General John Hudachek, that would have been a career-killer for a white officer. However, Ronald Reagan rescued Powell. Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and the latter’s son proceeded to turn a mediocrity into an AA superstar. One Republican leader after another shouted, “I’m color-blind,” with the perfectly reasonable expectation that each of his black clients would go back to the brothers and sisters, and tell them, “He said, ‘I love black people!’” Instead, Powell and the other clients—Ray Nagin, J.C. Watts, Condi Rice, Michael Steele, Armstrong Williams, John McWhorter, et al.—have each shouted back at their benefactor, “You haven’t done nothin’!”

In 1996, the party was willing to make Powell its standard-bearer, which would likely have resulted in his being elected the country’s first black president, and a legal one, at that. But Mrs. Powell, an already high-strung woman, recoiled at the possibility of her husband being the nation’s first assassinated black president, and made the General stay out of the race.

The Party then further honored the General by inviting him to be a keynote speaker at the 1996 convention, where he repaid it with a race-baiting speech that could have been written and delivered by the DNC. You might call it Powell’s “Riverside Church speech.” By now, Powell’s race-baiting sounds like a broken record. His message to the GOP amounts to, ‘Promote ever more incompetent blacks, so that they can betray and destroy you and the country.’ (I could only find excerpts that fail to give the full flavor of Powell’s 1996 phillipic.)

The delegates, ever terrified of being painted as racists—never mind that Powell had just done exactly that—gave their beneficiary-tormentor a rousing ovation.

Republican leaders responded by continuing to indulge Powell, and he responded by continuing to stick the shiv in their backs.

Bush II made Powell Secretary of State; Powell responded by leaking like a sieve, badmouthing his boss to his friends in the Washington press corps, most notoriously Bob Woodward.

After all the GOP had done for Powell, it was perfectly in character that he would stab the party in the back, and openly support the John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

Having long ago squandered what little political and moral credibility he ever had, Powell still has the chutzpah to lecture the Party, as if he were a Republican! It’s 1996, all over again.

The first videotape below is limited to Powell’s attacks on the GOP, which Meet the Press helpfully identifies with a banner as “State of the Republican Party.”

At the beginning of the interview, the General had defended Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel, which makes me wonder about Hagel more than any heap of negative op-eds. Just before this video begins, Meet the Press host, felon David Gregory, who is far from being my favorite leftwing propagandist, asks Powell the sort of question that Republicans should have asked him back in 1996, as in: Are you a Republican?

For a generation, the GOP has done exactly what Powell and leftwing political consultants demand it do, and that is why the Party is dying. It relentlessly reaches out to blacks and Hispanics, who take everything it has to give, demand yet more, and still denounce it, while promoting and voting for Democrats. Meanwhile, the GOP’s Middle American base, fed up with its continuing betrayal of it, increasingly stays home on Election Day, or makes its undervote count in the presidential race.

But Powell demands an even more radically leftwing Republican Party, one that embraces black and Hispanic voter fraud, Obamacare, even more wasteful education spending, open borders and global warming. He’s gotten out in front of the consultants! He will never lack for invitations from leftwing media stars for interviews in which can race-bait the GOP.

Note after the videos the praise Powell gets from my leftwing colleague, La Reyna. He earned that applause.

[An unloaded 21-gun salute to The Blaze.]

On the long tape below, at about 17:30 into the tape and a few seconds thereafter, Powell makes his allegiances clear; at about 18:30, the race-political fireworks begin.

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Colin Powell: My Republican Party is Doomed for Failure!

January 13, 2013

Journal de la Reyna

The former Secretary of State Colin Powell makes the case for a swift change in the Republican Party. He is frustrated with Republican leaders tolerating the extremism within its ranks.

Powell nailed the former Alaskan governor and conservative agitator for the president being a “shuck and jiving” leader comment.

Powell also nailed John Sununu about President Barack Obama being “lazy.”

Powell’s dire warnings will fall on deaf ears with the notion of race, climate change, gun control, immigration reform and healthcare. Republicans already signal that they’re prepared to fight to the “bitter end” on the debt ceiling, austerity cuts, the president’s cabinet nominees and picks for federal court. They’re already plotting a rebound in the 2014 Midterm elections.

Powell state that our country needs to work together in order to solve problems.

On Meet the Press, Powell talks to David Gregory about the situation with the Republican Party.

Powell believes that Republicans stare down on minorities with such disdain. Yeah, he’s right!

This will ring the bells of the conservative agitating media. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge will layout the groundwork for the rest of the conservative extremist media!

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