After Months Of Supporting Peaceful Burning And Looting, Media Want Crackdown On Republicans Yelling "Count The Votes"
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I got this alert on my phone to a news story from Esquire magazine:

For the moment, I've misplaced the link, but I don't care. The thing is that mild but vocal objections to being shut out of vote-counting by Republicans are now "chaos." That's after months of actual chaos by black and white Democrat supporters of BLM/Antifa.

Is the election being stolen? Well, don't expect people to believe it isn't based on MSM reports.

What credibility the media had left has been burning, or being toppled, or been savagely beaten, during the last few mostly peaceful months.

In the meantime, from "mostly peaceful" Portland, a reminder from Andy Ngo of  what actual chaos looks like.


And one more point: a bunch of Republicans shouting objections to vote-fixing by the Gore camp in Florida in the year 2000 was called the "Brooks Brothers Riot" because it was committed by middle-class white Republicans.  A headline in the Washington Post about this two years ago was

‘It’s insanity!’: How the ‘Brooks Brothers Riot’ killed the 2000 recount in Miami

Eighteen years after a chaotic recount, debate still rages over whether the antics went too far.

By Michael E. Miller, November 15, 2018

Reminder that the Washington Post supports anti-war riots, anti-Trump riots, anti-conservative riots, and Antifa riots that target white conservatives, as at Charlottesville. But these people were doing "antics" that "went too far."


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