Trump Narrows Biden's Lead In Arizona
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Trump picked up a net 10k+ votes in the wee hours in Phoenix’s Maricopa County, winning 58% of a batch of 62k ballots, cutting Biden’s lead in Arizona. More Arizona counties will report tomorrow.

Trump’s problem is that if Wisconsin really is in Biden’s pocket (Biden is up 0.6% in Wisconsin and a big 2.4% margin in Michigan) as many are saying, to win, Trump would have to nearly run the table, protecting leads in North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and coming from behind in either Arizona or Nevada. Or he could lose NC and sweep the rest. Trump must win Pennsylvania.

If Biden wins Pennsylvania, he wins. If he wins Georgia, he at least ties. If he wins North Carolina, he is at 268, one short of a tie.

If Wisconsin somehow goes back on the table, there are other scenarios.

I don’t have any inside information, but I suspect Democratic insiders in Philadelphia and Atlanta haven’t played all their cards yet. (Is anybody in authority pushing machine-controlled localities to hurry up and report? JFK’s boys in 1960 told Teddy White that the Illinois downstate Republicans laid their hand down first because they didn’t have the manhood of Mayor Daley. Is anybody exerting pressure in 2020 to hurry up and report? The media sure isn’t.)

Biden winning Georgia and Trump winning the rest, would generate a tie. Biden would be unlikely to get a majority of state delegations in the House, but it’s unclear if Trump could.

By the way, somebody should figure out a way for the Electoral College to have an odd number of votes.

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