Affirmative Action Hero Edward Blum Challenges Minority Occupation Regime At The Smithsonian.
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The great modern hero of the Affirmative Action Wars, Edward Blum, has struck again.

In June last year Blum managed to corner the Supreme Court and extract the constitutionally inevitable ruling they have been hiding from since the 1978 Bakke decision.

James Fulford explicated this for us in Supreme Court Rules Against Affirmative Action—Whites And Asians ARE Protected By 14th Amendment... By A Vote Of 6-2.

It is true that SCOTUS has subsequently shown signs of weaseling: SCOTUS Afraid To Enforce Its Own Affirmative Action Ruling? But this is par for the course for this perpetual collection of ethical and moral pygmies.

Now Edward Blum has turned his guns on possibly the most blatant case of Minority Occupation Government abuse in DC: the Smithsonian [Legal strategist Edward Blum sues Smithsonian museum director over a Latino-focused internship program, by Nicquel Terry Ellis, CNN, February 26, 2024]:

Edward Blum, the legal strategist behind the Supreme Court case that dismantled affirmative action in college admissions, has filed a lawsuit against the director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Latino and the director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services over an internship program.

CNN goes on:

In the complaint, filed Feb. 22 in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., the American Alliance for Equal Rights, which is led by Blum, claims the museum’s Latino Museum Studies Program undergraduate internship violates the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit states that in the two years the internship program has operated—2022 and 2023—“the museum has never hired an intern who identified as non-Latino.”

[ emphasis]

Curiously, CNN failed to provide a link to The American Alliance for Equal Rights.

The fact is that the venerable Smithsonian was set up (by an English admirer) who bequeathed his fortune

to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an Establishment for the increase & diffusion of knowledge among men.

Not to facilitate Racial Triumphalism by People of Color.

The bias at the Latino Museum has even attracted the notice of the Conservative Inc. “Right”: Beltway Right Heritage Foundation Challenges Smithsonian Racism—To Benefit HISPANIC Conservatives.

The Minority Occupation Government grip at the Smithsonian has even become so strong as to exclude Jews.

Congratulate Edward Blum for making a stand: [email protected].

And ask the Smithsonian GOP Regents if they are awake: Black Conquers Asian At Smithsonian. ASK GOP Regents Why Not A WHITE Women’s Museum Director?

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