Administrative Amnesty Expands To Judicial Amnesty
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As predicted by this blog, based on the principle that once the government decides to extend a benefit, then based on a claim of due process, all persons will be eligible for this benefit, the communists who dominate the Nineth Circuit Court of Appeals have decided to get into the amnesty business. Once the policy was announced, it was only a matter of time before an alien who did not recieve the amnesty filed a lawsuit to gain the benefit being distributed to other illegal aliens. And they have, and the courts have agreed with my analysis.
The Oklahoman February 7, 2012 by Joel Gehrke

Federal judges in California suspended the deportation of seven illegal immigrants in five different cases, telling the prosecution to find out if the illegal immigrants might qualify to stay in the country based on President Obama's new policy of deprioritizing some deportation cases in favor of others.

"I was surprised. I had not seen an order like that before," said Bernadette Connolly, an attorney representing one of the illegal immigrants in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, according to Reuters. "She did not request the order and had not even asked the government to review Aranda Rodriguez's case under the government's new policy," Reuters noted.

Last year, Obama's director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, unveiled a policy of deprioritizing deportations in cases involving illegal immigrants who have no criminal record, other than their illegal immigration. "Monday's five cases all involved individuals or couples who have been ordered deported but appear to fit Morton's criteria for leniency," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


Of course, the solution is the Gingrich Solution, impeachment of these Red judges, as well as Janet Reno Napolitano and Barack Hussein Obama. But this is the result Gingrich wants... Someone ask Mittens...
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