Statue of Liberty: An Appeal
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H/T, Paul Nachman for reporting Rush Limbaugh has grasped that the Statue of Liberty is not an article of the Constitution mandating Open Borders.

Last month I thanked The Kvetcher for pointing out that even Emma Lazarus, whose much-later attached attached poem

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

has been used done so much damage to her country, disliked the prospect of unselective immigration

Lazarus might have had compassion for “the wretched refuse,” but she didn’t extend it to the Eastern European Orthodox. Rather, according to Lindemann,

She suggested that another place, not America, should be found for that unappealing “mass of semi-Orientals, Kabbalists, and Hassidim.” (p.377)

It happens that the Color Party of, whatever their various other problems, do not generally commute much. Readers telling us what the Talk Show hosts are saying perform a very valuable service.

With Obama's latest offensive, it could be invaluable.

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