A Wall That Even Bret Stephens Would Love
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From The Telegraph:

Israel unveils plans for 40-mile underground wall around Gaza

Raf Sanchez, gaza border

18 JANUARY 2018 • 3:35PM

Israel unveiled its plans for a vast underground wall around Gaza on Thursday, which military officials said would once and for all stop Hamas burrowing attack tunnels into Israeli territory.

The £500 million subterranean concrete barrier will run for 40 miles along the entire Israeli-Gaza border and is the first underground border wall of its kind in the world.

It is intended to prevent Hamas and other Islamist militant groups from using tunnels to launch surprise attacks into southern Israel. …

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have destroyed three tunnels which infiltrated into Israel from Gaza in the last three months. A senior IDF official said he was confident that once the barrier was complete, tunnels would no longer pose a threat. “That will be it,” he said.

The barrier is expected to be completed within two years, officials said, and less than three miles have been finished so far. Underground sensors will help to detect any future tunnels while a 9-meter tall fence will prevent crossings overground.

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