A Rangel Coached By A Reich: Bad News For America's Whites
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Large amounts of money passing through Congress tend to get hijacked by all kinds of political bandits, as I noted at the time of the Bailout Bill in October. Thanks P O’D for drawing my attention to a chilling example of this.

A website called Naked Emperor News.com has excerpted the video of part of the testimony of Robert Reich, the evil dwarf of the Clinton era, before Representative Charles Rangel's Ways and Means Committee on January 7th - and brilliantly annotated it. This was supposed to be about the “Economic Recovery Plan” but actually it turned into a conspiratorial discussion about how to

• Keep the loot from benefiting “highly skilled…professionals or…white male
construction workers”
• Direct it mainly to Minorities
• Keep this as quiet as possible
• Eliminate any local political input.

Huge infrastructure spending…Wealth Redistribution to favored factions…Federal over riding of State prerogatives…They are serious about this Lincoln business!

Not everyone has the privacy to listen to YouTubes, and my informant tells me clips “exposing tribal machinations” tend to get censored, so here are Naked Emperor’s highly incisive comments:

0.40 Layoff notices don’t care what color your skin is
But the Obama administration does

1-13 (Reich proposes) Criteria can be set, so that the money does GO TO OTHERS, the long term unemployed minorities, women

1-20 How about the jobs building the bridges your family drives over go to the best construction workers regardless of the color of their skin

1-44 Charlie Rangel doesn’t want those pesky state legislatures to have any say in what communities get recovery money TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

2-12 he wants to force ALL the recovery money to go to ONLY low income neighborhoods

2-47 Charlie Rangel just admitted the middle class is too busy working hard to notice that they are getting cheated (PC – this has to be heard to be credited!)

3-12 Charlie Rangel and Robert Reich are conspiring to FORCE SOCIAL ENGINEERING and WEALTH REDISTIBUTION

I prefer, being a dinosaur, to take my information in writing - but I have to say film works. The porcine Rangel scrabbling to get his snout in the trough is what I suppose you would expect – although the greed shines through impressively. Far more sinister is the cold-eyed ferocity of Reich’s face, bobbing down at the bottom of the screen, almost eerily disembodied. This is a different, and far more dangerous political tradition. And apparently he is really serious about harming whites.

Those whom this pair is conspiring to plunder and deprive had better wake up and notice what is going on. We are going to see a lot of this in the Obama regime.

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