Illegal Aliens Leaving Oklahoma
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Open Borders cheerleaders present people with the false dilemma of deporting 20 million illegal aliens or legalizing 20 million aliens.

Of course they don't point out there's another option—start enforcing the law and thus force illegals to self-deport.

Well, it appears that may be happening in my home state of Oklahoma, where a new get-tough law is set to take effect on November 1st. Reportedly, thousands of illegal aliens (called "Hispanics" in the article) have left the Tulsa area already. [Hispanics Moving Out Of Oklahoma Before New Law Takes Effect Jerry Giordano., August 22, 2007 ]

Part of the new law mandates deportation of all illegal aliens who commit crimes, and Tulsa County deputies are being trained to apprehend and deport them.

Unsurprisingly, the new law is being opposed by the Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and by homebuilders. Also, the "National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders" is planning to fight it in court.

I hope the new law takes effect and is enforced properly.

As for the fleeing illegals, they are said to be going to Arkansas and Kansas.

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