A Floridian Comments On Jeb Bush's Immigration Trial Balloon
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In a note to Mark Steyn, a Floridian named Carolyn Tackett has weighed in on the cheerfully loathsome Jeb Bush, her former governor.  The part of her note most pertinent to VDARE.com readers is this:

Jeb's immigration policy is based solely on his personal vision of doing the right thing. He is completely oblivious to the consequences of his niceness. Down here in the swampland south of Tampa, illegals aren't our poolboys, gardeners or maids. They are our kidnappers, rapists and murderers. But hey, let's bring more in.[Striking Similarity, Mark's Mailbox, SteynOnline.com, April 6, 2014]

Tackett says that she voted for Bush for governor, and thinks he worked out OK for the state, but another of these Bushes in the presidency won't do.

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