A Case For Bow And Arrow Control?
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A footnote to the school shooting issue. In my March Diary I noted having read the novel and seen the movie We Need to Talk About Kevin, which is about a school shooting seen from the perspective of the shooter's mother.

Kevin, however, who is of course the shooter in that book and movie, did not use a gun for his rampage; he used a bow and arrows.

That's left me idly wondering whether there has in fact ever been a bow-and-arrow school massacre.

Checking around, I couldn't locate one. I did, though, turn up a story from Norway last October. In the little town of Kongsberg, forty miles from Oslo, a man wandered around the shopping district firing at people with a bow and arrow. He killed five and seriously wounded two.

So bow-and-arrow mass killings are not a thing in the USA, at any rate since the end of the Indian Wars, but they do happen. Let's hope that none of our juvenile psychopaths get inspired by that Kevin movie.

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