18 Million Viewers Watch Donald Trump Debate: It's Almost as if There's Market Demand for Free Speech
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From the Baltimore Sun:
Tuesday night’s GOP debate on CNN was another ratings juggernaut with an audience of 18 million viewers, according to Nielsen Fast National ratings. …

CNN also live-streamed the production to CNN.com, its mobile apps and connected TVs. CNN had 3.1 million live streams, peaking at 9:45 p.m. with 815,000 concurrent streams.

Tuesday’s ratings continue to make the GOP debates the most valuable franchise on American television this side of “Sunday Night Football” on NBC.

For the entire century, the national media have been assuring you that Invade the World, Invite the World is the only possible grand strategy so there’s no point in having on television people who don’t wholly agree.

But now we discover that they’ve been leaving money on the table all these years.

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