"12th of Never": D. A. King Praises The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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Perhaps there is a tinkling of ice in any water glasses in Hades today.

Maybe today is the “12th of Never.

In any case, today I write something positive about the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


Kudos to the AJC for adding Mike King [no relation] to the editorial board this year. His presence represents a noted, needed and welcomed push in that body’s movement towards fairness and balance - not to mention raising its common sense to a new and welcome level.

Yesterday's OP-ED by King is making far more sense than what we are accustomed to seeing in the morning here.As refrain, 'racism' cry loses meaning

He puts forth the notion that the charge of “racism” is overused and that the word is losing its meaning…in the AJC.

In the AJC! Maybe we should alert him to La Raza, El Plan de Aztlan , MEChA, and MALDEF’s Mario Obledo, so he can see that the word is not overused when applied to them.

King was the former “public editor” at the AJC, and having politely taken more than a few phone calls from this often disgusted reader on some perceived example of bias in that paper – was usually kind enough to calmly teach me a thing or two while promising to “look into it”.

And he keeps his word.

Thanks Mike King.

King’s column gives us hope that the mindless, leftist nonsense that normally comes from Cynthia Tucker and company has been at least somewhat tempered by someone who has the ability and courage to write what the AJC reader gets far too little of on the editorial page.

Another example: In February, shortly after joining the AJC editorial board, King addressed the fact that illegal immigration was in fact, a valid concern with this:

“It's time to start listening to the legitimate fears of people who face the issue day in and day out”.

The entire column here: Frank talk on illegal immigrantsFeb 03, 05

The AJC recently came out in favor of the McKennedy amnesty proposal [shocker!] …but without calling anyone who insisted that American law be enforced a “xenophobic zealot” or a “nativist”.

Mike King’s influence overcomes Cynthia Tuckers name-calling! [ Ms. Tucker….the challenge to debate me on illegal immigration still stands…any time, any place.]


On the addition of Mike King to the AJC editorial board: we approve. [Send Mike King a congratulatory email]


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