WGN's John Williams Asks "What's An Illegal Immigrant?" MCRI's Dave Gorak Tells Him
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June 04, 2003

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From: Dave Gorak [email protected]:

It is hard to believe that an intelligent individual working the afternoon drive-time slot for a 50,000-watt radio station, especially after 9/11, would ask that question. But that is exactly what John Williams at WGN Radio in Chicago did during his May 27 broadcast. 

Williams made this statement as he was discussing proposed legislation that would give instate tuition to illegal aliens in Wisconsin, adding that on the following day he planned to have on the air representatives from both sides of the issue.

"I'm sorry, but I guess I don't know what an illegal immigrant is," Williams said.

Coming to Williams' rescue was the traffic reporter who volunteered, "I think it's people who overstay their visas." (She is partially correct. The INS estimates that about 40 percent of the illegal alien population have violated the terms of their visas.)

Then the news desk offered:  "It also includes those who come in the back of a semi [truck]."  "Anybody here without the proper documents," said someone else.

But that didn't discourage Williams from again offering his tired apology for dismantling the rule of law: "Considering the risks they've [illegals] taken to come here, I say leave them alone because they're doing the jobs none of us would do. More power to them."

Added the traffic reporter: "And many businesses could not exist without them."

"Oh, absolutely!" said Williams, who produced no proof to back up his defense of what is perhaps the greatest myth perpetuated by the open-borders crowd and those  posing as journalists in the mainstream media.

Williams [send him E-Mail] said he opposes the idea of the state "rounding up" illegals unless it was to "make them legal." He had to be reminded by the traffic reporter that only the federal government has the power to forgive the millions who each day wipe their feet on our national sovereignty and scream "racism" when we actually enforce our immigration laws.

But here is what puzzles me the most:  Williams was very eager to discuss events in Wisconsin after repeatedly rebuffing my requests for specific air time in recent months to discuss Illinois' instate tuition bill signed May 18 by Gov. Rod Blagojevich. In a March 17 e-mail, he said:

"I don't have any plans to put you on but I hope you try to get on again next time and keep me better informed.  You make good points here."

On May 28 I tuned in a few minutes late, so I don't know whether Williams got around to discussing tuition breaks for illegals who call Wisconsin home. The topic he was entertaining at that moment was the day's story about tuition rates jumping significantly at Illinois' state-run schools. But I decided to try my luck in getting through in order to address Williams' comments of the day before.

WGN's call-in line was quickly answered by Williams' producer, who agreed that our arguments against the policy of rewarding lawbreakers were valid.  After holding for 30 minutes, the producer came on the line and said what I've heard him say many times before:  "I'm sorry, Dave, we just ran out of time, and we're going to move onto other things. But I'll pass your comments along to John."

Williams is no intellectual lightweight.  Take a look at his "news click" archives to see the issues (with some cornball exceptions) he thinks are important enough to poll his listeners. 

You would think he'd want to know if his Illinois audience, which already has picked up the tab to educate illegals for 12 years, has a problem with now being forced to underwrite their college education.

Funny how somebody who claims he wants to be "better informed" about the immigration issue always manages to run out of time at the very moment an opportunity to do so presents itself.

Dave Gorak [email him] is the executive director of the Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration in LaValle, WI. Read his VDARE.COM archive here

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