Population-Environment Balance's Allison Solin Asks If You Know Bush Has Offered $345 Billion to Mexican Retirees
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June 10, 2003

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From: Allison Solin, Vice President, Population-Environment BALANCE

No, I'm not being satirical, or alarmist. As you read these words, the Bush Administration is making plans with the Mexican government to give at least $345 billion of our Social Security funds to Mexican citizens who have worked in the United States - both legally and illegally. This scheme is not limited to Mexican nationals, but extends to former legal and illegal alien residents of the United States now living in over 20 countries.

Thanks to a brave new bureaucratic concept called "totalization," a foreign citizen may now add the years that he worked in a foreign country - without contributing a cent to the U.S. Social Security Fund - to the years he has worked in the U.S., in order to qualify for a lifetime of Social Security benefits.

Who pays for this? The U.S. taxpayer. Who collects it? Anyone who once worked in the U.S. - even illegally.

They don't even have to live in the U.S. any more—former illegal aliens who gone home can draw a Yankee pension back in Yucatan—where the dollar goes a lot further.

As Dave Barry likes to say, I'm not making this up. Any Mexican citizen who worked, whether legally or illegally, in the USA for a few years will, under this plan, have exactly the same claim on the Social Security system as a native-born American who has worked for 40 years and contributed with every paycheck.

This massive giveaway—which should be unthinkable in times of ballooning budget deficits—is about to be enacted by presidential diktat. It can only be stopped by an act of Congress.

For more information, visit us at Population-Environment BALANCE.

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