We Misjudged Rex May—but Not NR
December 18, 2004, 04:00 AM
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December 18, 2004

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An Immigration Control Democrat Says Al Franken Smears VDARE.COM, Sam Francis

Rex May - Baloo <rmay@mac.com> wrote:

I just had my attention called to the VDare blog and the reference to my cartoon. Agh! I drew that sometime back, and had no intention for it to be used as counterpoint to anti-immigration articles. Me, now, I`m on the anti-immigrant side of things on the NR spectrum, and the cartoon was conceived as nothing more than a `surprise` gag —the fact that the guy had hordes of criminals and welfare types in mind, and wasn`t even thinking about those three guys, or those like them.

Anyhow, I`m not one of those open-borders loonies, and I`m sorry if the cartoon seemed to imply that I am. I`m actually a SamFrancisite on the subject.

Rex F. May (Baloo)

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P. S. Please print the attached as well, as a more accurate reflection of my position on the issue: