An Immigration Control Democrat Says Al Franken Smears VDARE.COM, Sam Francis
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December 09, 2004

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A Vietnamese American on Vietnamese Immigration, and Emigration

A  Democratic Reader in Atlanta: Kris Power writes:

I am probably not your typical subscriber; I consider myself a liberal Democrat and voted for John Kerry.

I am not stupid, however, and understand how uncontrolled legal immigration and illegal immigration are destroying our country in so many ways.

I belong to Georgians for Immigration Reduction and consider our Atlanta activists DA King and Jimmy Herchek true heroes.  In fact, in the last two elections I voted for a Republican governor and senator (Johnny Isakson) based on their stands on illegal immigration, which is the first time in my forty years of voting that I voted for a Republican.  That said, I love your website; it's my favorite of all the sites that deal with the immigration question.

All of your contributors write interesting and thought provoking articles.  Being the liberal that I am, I also like and enjoy Michael Moore and Al Franken.  When I tuned in to Air America today Al had Lou Dobbs as his guest; I was in hog heaven!!  

His next guest was David Brock of Media Matters.  He started out dissing Sam Francis for his article on the controversy surrounding the ABC ad featuring Nicolette Sheridan and the football player.  He said about the only place you could access Sam Francis was on a website called which is an "extreme anti-immigration website that deals in such things as eugenics".  

I am so sick of being called anti-immigration because we believe in controlled immigration and enforcing the law.  By the way, just now John McCain said on CNN that restricting driver's licenses for illegal immigrants is a civil liberties issue.  

Personally, I can't be ant-immigrant because my mother was an immigrant.  

Thanks for a great website.

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