VDARE Replies to a Sarcastic Reader Who Wrote about Steve Sailer on Immigration & Interracial Marriage
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Letter: I am so glad that your Mr. Sailer has shown that limiting immigration slows down the interracial marriage rate. [Continued Immigration Retards Growth of Interracial Marriage]. Maybe if we encourage interracial marriage, by immigration controls, we can look forward to the United States eventually, in 50 years or so, scaling the cultural heights of, say, Brazil?

I am on the point of sending a contribution to Sen. Abraham's reelection campaign, and it's all your fault.


The Editors reply: Yeah. Perhaps we should have made it clearer that Steve Sailer was answering a specific enthusiast argument, made by e.g. the appalling John J. Miller - that intermarriage will palliate the racial conflicts introduced by immigration. Or as Miller puts it, "Everyone will have a Korean grandmother." Steve's point is that this won't work if immigration continues, because the math indicates the intermarriage proportion will be swamped by new, monoracial immigrants. So the immigration enthusiasts are just plain wrong, as usual. However, this says nothing about whether government policy should be directed at breeding America's founding groups out of existence in the first place.

June 13, 2000

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