VDARE - Khan Letter and Sailer Reply - "America's Imported Caste System"
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"America's Imported Caste System" – Razib Khan answers Steve Hallaway; Steve Sailer comments.

Razib Khan [email protected] writes:

I am writing this in response to Steve Hallaway's question to Mr. Sailer's articles, following his articles on the importation of Mexico's racial caste system.  Mr. Hallaway's question turns on making similar assumptions about intermarriages between whites and East Asians as Mr. Sailer does about intermarriages between whites and New World Indians and whites and blacks. But there are a few problems with this argument....

If by "intelligence" once means analytic reasoning skills, it seems that the Northeast Asians —Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans — are somewhat more intelligent than the white norm. (I believe the I.Q. difference is generally listed as somewhere between 2-8 points, depending on the study). Most of the evidence also seems to point to New World Indians' scoring slightly below whites.  Thus, Mestizos (white-Indian mixes) would have slightly lower IQs than whites, while Eurasians (white-East Asian crosses) would have slightly higher IQs.  The correlation between the increasing blondeness of high I.Q. Eurasians would be somewhat mitigated if the less intelligent Eurasian men happened to import intelligent East Asian women to make up for their competitive disadvantage on the marriage market, while the more intelligent Eurasians would marry less intelligent blondes (i.e., European derived females).  The key is how much more intelligent the high status Eurasian males are, and how much more intelligent Asian females are vs. European females

In addition, the most intelligent Eurasian men might also be the most "nerdish" as Mr. Sailer would say. [See Steve Sailer's essay "Nerdishness: The Great Unexplored Topic" at http://www.iSteve.com/nerds.htm ]. This would make it rather more difficult for them to attract high status "blondes."  What I am saying is that there is a difference between the macho Mestizo and black men, who attain high status in most likely extroverted fields (say entertainment, sports, law, politics, and business) while highly intelligent Eurasians might be funneling into scientific fields, making their values, and their possible mates, a bit different.  Melinda French Gates for instance, to use the classic example of a nerd-wife, is attractive, but not blonde.

And one last thing: I am sure no one who reads VDARE has watched any pornography of late, but if anyone would care to, they would find that the only class of women that rivals busty blondes in disproportionate numbers in American pornography is East Asian females.  Unlike brunette European females, Asian females don't look particularly impressive when blonded in my opinion, and the fact that few Asian females in these films bleach their hair like their European counterparts seems to confirm that most porn viewers share my impression.  In other words, Asian females (whether it be for cultural or biological reasons) are in some cases competitive with blondes.  (From personal experience in a region of the country where there are many Eurasians- due to the fact that the area is 95%+ white and the non-white marriage pool somewhat limited - I can attest that many Eurasian men prefer Asian females for the same reasons as some European men do).

Also, I am not sure the blonde preference is as dominant among people from Asia as it is among Europeans, and Asians have not been as culturally dominated by Europeans as Amerindians have.  Though certain European features were traditionally praised by Asians (fair skin), others have not been emulated (large noses, reputed body odor due to diet, hirsute body, etc.).  In addition, though Japanese may comment on the nice figures that European women have (i.e., Europeans tend to exhibit more sexual dimorphism), they will also comment that many American women are too large and, as they would say in the States, "big-boned."  In other words, even if blondeness is preferred by Eurasians, there are other attributes that work against them (their size in comparison to petite Asian women, the perception by many Asians that European women, and Europeans in general, age faster and don't keep their appearance up after the bloom of youth, etc.).

As Mr. Sailer notes, most Asian men are marrying their own kind, while more Asian women are marrying out.  If the same trend holds true in the offspring, one must look for what the women prefer...which as Mr. Sailer would say, are not blondes, but tall dark and handsome.  Perhaps a Eurasian like the late Brandon Lee?


Razib Khan

Steve Sailer writes: Both Mr. Hallaway and Mr. Khan make some fascinating points. One thing that has struck me is how so many East Asian women keep their eye out for the kind of nerdy white guys that white women pay little attention to. For example, Darva Conger and the other 49 female participants on the "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" show required Fox to promise them that their prospective husband had made his million in any field other than computers. In contrast, Asian women realize that shy, smart guys make good husbands because they'd rather come home to their wife and kids than chase other women in bars. Plus, they just might make a gazillion on IPO stock options! If white women don't wise up to rewards of marrying geeks, the Eurasian kids of the future will tend to do extremely well on the Math portion of the SAT, and thus will be well set to prosper in the increasingly technology-dominated economy.

May 23, 2000

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