VDARE - Mike Scott Replies
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Good morning Peter. Reference is made to your open letter to Craig Nelsen in which you made the comment, "PLEASE don't concede the economy argument!" Normally I'd agree with you. However, since I've been involved with the installation of the vast majority of Craig's billboards here in California, I can tell you that Craig's approach is correct.

First, most viewers have about six to eight seconds to look at the billboards from their cars, providing there are no traffic impediments.

Second, when the media becomes involved, they frequently, at least initially, are more interested in why I'm a racist than such trivia about our turbo, exponential, third-world birth rates.

Finally, when mass-immigration cheerleaders hear about these boards, they frequently go ballistic and into orbit with their calls from on high about the evils of xenophobia and bigotry. So these boards and these messages are good starting places to get mainstream Americans to start thinking about the horrors of immigration. You can only get so much information on a billboard with your best shot. One can't dispute the Census Bureau. (except the followers of Julian Simon).


Glendora, California

Peter Brimelow replies: Mike many thanks. You're doing a great job. I don't at all mean you should change the billboard strategy; I just mean that there's no need to concede [i.e. when actually asked] that immigration is economically beneficial. Particularly in California - the National Academy of Sciences Report "The New Americans" found that immigration was increasing native-born families' tax burdens by $1,100 a year. It's amazing to me that the state isn't ablaze.

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