VDARE - Letter in Response to America's Imported Caste System, by Steve Sailer
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Letter in Response to America's Imported Caste System, by Steve Sailer

Reply to this letter by Razib Khan


I am writing to commend Mr. Sailer on an excellent article regarding interracial marriage patterns in Mexico and implications for the United States ("America's Imported Caste System"). I am also writing to ask him about something written in the article regarding Asian-White intermarriage. 

In the article, Mr. Sailer writes, "Interracial marriage between whites and East Asians in California has indeed worked largely as advertised, bringing these two races quite close together. Since Asians tend to have slightly higher IQ's and significantly better work ethics than whites, white-Asian weddings have contributed to racial equality. The trend toward white-Asian couples, however, has benefited Asian women and hurt Asian men, since only 28% of white-Asian couples feature an Asian husband."

I am wondering if Mr. Sailer thinks it is possible that after several generations of white-Asian intermarriage a "racial caste system" might also begin to appear.  Even though what Mr. Sailer writes regarding white-Asian intermarriage might be largely true for the first generation of children produced, a sort of caste system might appear for the same reasons such a system has appeared in Mexico. 

IF, as Mr. Sailer maintains, it is true that "gentlemen prefer blondes" (or Anglos more generally) and that elite/high-IQ status tends to make a given male more successful in the "market for blondes", would it not be the case that:

A. Elite/high-IQ Asian males of today would tend to produce "whiter" children than lower-income/low-IQ Asian males; - Elite Asians become "whiter".

B. The children of elite/high-IQ Asian males would be "whiter" than the children of elite/high-IQ whites would be Asian; - Elite Asians would become "whiter" at a faster rate than elite whites become Asian.  By the simple introduction of an Asian population, the elite/high-IQ white population would become "more Asian" but, it seems, at a significantly smaller rate than the elite/high-IQ Asian male population would become white.

Repeat the pattern for several generations/iterations among whites, Asians, and mixed-race whites/Asians, and you again end up with a rather blonde elite.

I look forward to your reply.

Keep up the good work!

Steve Hallaway

May 20, 2000

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