VDARE.com: Saturday's Letters: A South Carolina Nurse Reports From The Front On The Illegal Alien Invasion; etc.
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Saturday's Letters: A South Carolina Nurse Reports From The Front On The Illegal Alien Invasion; etc.

From: Name Withheld

I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist writing to give a first hand account of the invasion the United States is under.

At present, in my South Carolina hospital one-third of our births are to illegal aliens. When social security numbers were required, few of our expectant mothers had them

Now social security numbers have been removed from patient's identification labels probably because of illegals heavy involvement in identity theft.

Every year at least 350,000 illegal alien women in the U.S. give birth. [VDARE.COM note: we estimate 500,000] This is the first order of business for them…to have their "jackpot" or "anchor baby" born in the U.S.

Almost all give birth at hospitals to document that their children are American citizens.

At $5000 per vaginal delivery and $10,000 for a Cesarean Section (and 25 percent need C-sections), do the math.

You pay over $2 billion each year just for illegals to have their anchor babies.  [VDARE.COM note: The total would be in excess of $3.3 billion using our figures.]

I am sick of the 14th Amendment being hijacked to give illegal alien anchor babies citizenship. We must stop this perverted interpretation of the law.

If the mother is an illegal alien who is not under our jurisdiction, then so is her baby.

Once illegals have a child, taxpayers support them for…lifetime!

It amazes me anyone would want to give citizenship and the right to vote to a women (indigenous Indians from Guatemala, for example) who in the twenty years of her life may not have learned one word of Spanish and in five years in America not one word of English.

It is not unusual for such women, many of whom become my patients, not to know how tall they are or how much they weigh.

Yet the federal government is willing to give them and their children a say in our country's destiny and our children's future.

I am sick of the selective morality and application of the law to justify illegal immigration.

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Saturday's Letters: A New Jersey Union Worker Is Tired Of The Illegal Alien Scam

From:  Name Withheld

I work the night shift in a New Jersey Shop-Rite.

I am in the United Food and Commercial Workers union and my store is supposed to be 100% union.

But the people on the graveyard that are cleaning the floors, the butcher shop and the bakery do not have green cards, social security numbers, visas or even passports.

How do I know this? They told me!

Multiply those illegal aliens by our 23 stores and that's a lot of jobs that some Americans on unemployment lines would love to have.

The union turns a blind eye. The UFCW spends all its time and our union dues chasing Wal-Mart around trying to organize their workers.

Our benefits are cut back every year and our raises no longer keep up with the cost of living increase.

Anyone hired in the past 15 months is now part of the working poor of Shop-Rite with no access to any health care . The illegal alien takes home more money than a clerk working five or six days a week. The illegal alien can also walk into a hospital, give them any alias, and get treated. I have to pay 100 percent out of my pocket. The state taxes taken out of my paycheck will be used to reimburse that hospital for treating that illegal alien. So not only do we pay the salaries of the apathetic union reps., but in the end we will also be footing the bill for the illegal alien to get free medical care. The decline of the middle class......the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

[Contact UFCW President Joe Hansen here; telephone contact is 973-777-3700.]

People that just can't see the big picture concerning illegal workers surround me. Others, including union representatives and shop stewards, just don't care.

Many of my co-workers and I are tired of this. I'm a veteran that served 10 years to protect the rights of Americans and not illegal aliens.

"Name Withheld" served in the Navy Seabees from 1986-2000 spending five years on active duty, five additional years being recalled to active duty and four years in the active reserve.

His tours included building refugee camps in Guantanamo Bay during the mass exodus of boat people from Haiti and Cuba in 1994-95 and had tours of duty in Sicily, Somalia, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

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Saturday's Letters: A Virginia Reader Says "Amen" To VDARE.COM's Take on Ruben Navarrette

From: Mike Cohen [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: The Truth About Language Lies

I read Guzzardi's piece concerning Navarrette and all I can say is "Amen." 

I found Guzzardi's article while looking for a way to e-mail Navarrette regarding his degrading comments about the immigration hearings. [VDARE.COM note: Navarrette, e-mail him here, has recently started to write an occasional column for CNN. The Navarrette piece to which Cohen refers is titled "Immigration Hearings 'Cynical and Cowardly'" and can be read here.]

Given his ethnicity, it wasn't rocket science to see what side Navarrette would come down on.  

Predictably, Navarrette tells a lot of half-truths about the immigration hearings as well - too numerous to mention, of course.

And I couldn't agree with Guzzardi more about the sorry state of the English language in this country. 

Not only are non-English speakers an issue, but also those who are reared in English speaking homes don't do too well either. 

In addition to my full time job as a contract administrator with a major defense contractor, I'm an adjunct professor in math and engineering at Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion University. The way some people write, I have no idea how they make it through life.

Keep up your great work at VDARE.COM 

Cohen is a Naval Academy graduate and Vietnam era veteran who spent his active duty years in nuclear submarines.

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Saturday's Letters: A Texas Reader Reminds Us That Nurses Who Can't Read English Are A Problem, Too

From:  Jennifer Small

As long as we're complaining about poor-English-speaking nurses, let me tell you about some poor-English-reading ones?

In 2001, I experienced a number of communication difficulties during a five-day stay at an upscale Austin hospital. After jaw surgery, I couldn't speak at all. A large sign on my door alerted the nurses to my condition. 

For what I assume are seniority reasons, I had American nurses during the day and Asian nurses at night.

Several times at night, I would push the call button and, in broken English, the Asian nurses asked what I needed. They repeatedly ignored the sign and continued to press me for an answer to their question.

Though my writing was a shaky, it was in legible English. Still I ended up pointing and playing Charades with my Asian nurses. This was disturbing enough to me that my family began taking turns sleeping in my hospital room.

But the most depressing thing of all was that I had to pantomime to the Caribbean woman who brought the meals so she would stop bringing me solid foods.

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