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Political Science Professor Emeritus, Manhattan Resident, Says We Need More Loud, Obnoxious Jews; etc.

From: Robert Weissberg (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Column: Saletan's Scuttle And The Curse Of Jacob Weisberg

I read Fulford's essay and agree with every word.

For the record, for my views about the myth of white racism have caused me much grief in my lifetime.

Years back, I wrote the lead article for the Weekly Standard on the fable that whites are racist.[White Racism: The Seductive Lure of an Unproven Theory, March 24, 1997, not online.]

See what the lack of a single "s" in one's ideological DNA can bring—Slate editor and hate monger Jacob Weisberg vs. me, Robert Weissberg, that's with "s" twice, aware about race reality.

Fulford makes a point that deserves additional scrutiny—winning arguments in New York by browbeating your opponents.

I spent most of my life in a research university setting where one argued with hard evidence—this study versus that study, my data versus your data, on so on.

When I recently moved to Manhattan, I was amazed at how one "won" arguments. I was equally amazed about how little so-called smart people knew, especially about race. But to listen to the smart alecks talk, they clearly think they have a true grasp on the subject.

Lucky for them that their profound ignorance hardly embarrasses them or anyone else since intelligence is not the currency of New York social life.  Consumption outranks everything.

Those who perceive themselves as debate winners reject real science to instead offer a bag of verbal tricks and over the top emotional appeals. If all else fails, they try to destroy tangible evidence by claiming to "be offended" by the truth.

Sadly, these bullying techniques are all very "Jewish". And I say this as a Jew of good standing.

Interestingly, a few non-Jews have learned verbal abuse skills and are proud to have crossed over to the unenlightened camp where articulation triumphs over facts and skilled research.

The bottom line is that our side lacks a sufficient number of loud, obnoxious Jews willing to intimidate those who deny reality.

Weissberg is Professor of Political Science, Emeritus at the University of Illinois-Urbana, and occasionally teaches in the N.Y.U. Politics Department, Masters Program. His essay The Hidden Impact Of Political Correctness is available on Others of his columns that appeared on Human Events are here. Weissberg is the author of The Politics of Empowerment and Polling, Policy, and Public Opinion: The Case Against Heeding the 'Voice of the People.

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A Vietnam Veteran Says Black Crime Is "The Elephant In The Living Room"

From: Richard Allen (e-mail him)

Re: Nicolas Stix Column: The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media And "Anti-Racism"

I have been a VDARE.COM reader so long I can't remember when it wasn't a part of my daily Internet read. Thank you for your articles.

I have participated in national affairs since my youth, a military career, college degree, government work, and elections.

I have watched while schools have gone from educating our children to brainwashing them, cities from places of pride to crime-ridden ghettos, and our country wrapped up in the pursuit of diversity—meaning whatever happens, it better not be white

Although I hope I am wrong, I fear that the day may come when our Constitution will be held up as an example of the white man's folly.

Right now, black crime in this country is the elephant in the living room. Blacks are untouchable. They must be discussed in only the most reverent of terms.

While the Duke University charade was in progress, four black men and a black woman were committing the Knoxville crime of the century against a young white man and woman without so much as a whisper from the media afterward.

Everyone knows about the BTK killer [A white serial killer.] but how many people know about Coral Eugene Watts? [A (male) African-American serial killer who may be the first such killer to go free on parole.]Each day in the US black men rape up to 100 white women. [ note: Actually, there are approximately 42 black on white rapes every day in the US. See's Color Of Crime, 2005 edition (PDF) which gives the annual figure of 15,400 black on white rapes.]

A week ago, in a mall close to where I live, a black tried to rob a Brinks guard picking up ATM receipts. Bullets flew throughout the crowd, endangering innocent bystanders.

But not a word appeared in the news because the perpetrator is black.

Allen, who is retired and lives outside of Atlanta, was born in Florida, fought in Vietnam during two tours, attended college on the GI bill, graduated and worked for the government for 22 years.

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Another Vietnam Veteran And Former U.S. Embassy Employee in Niger Learned A Lot About Race While In Africa

From: Ron Foreman (e-mail him)

The world has always had race and cultural wars.

But in today's world, only white people are called racist.

I lived in Africa for four years. I hired a Ghanaian to work in my department at the American Embassy in Niger. Custom required me to talk with my oldest employee about the new hire.

My senior employee asked me why I hired the Ghanaian. I told him that he spoke English and was qualified. His response: "But this is a French-speaking country." And I replied: "This is the American Embassy."

I tried to explain to my senior employee that I had hired one of his African brothers. But he told me "He is not my brother, he is Ghanaian!" 

I learned a lot about race—and hate—while I was in Africa.

Foreman was a Captain in the USMC from 1961-1968; he resigned his commission after returning from Vietnam. He entered the Foreign Service and retired in 2001.

A previous letter from Foreman about Sen. John McCain is here and his Thanksgiving letter with recollections of his father is here.

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A Georgia Reader Shares His Letter To The World Educational Services

From:  Fred

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "Mirrors Of Privilege"—Whites Are Guilty, Case Closed!"

I sent the following letter to Shakti Butler (e-mail), the World Educational Services' producer of the socialist diversity DVD, "Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible"

"You are the racist, Shakti Butler, as is evidenced by your portrayal (for money, of course, and grants for even more money) of one specific race, whites. I see you have figured out how to shake down people by claiming to help blacks but who also in reality are in on your game and are rewarded financially.

"Do the names Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ring a bell?  Loud and clear, I'm positive.

"I see you list all of your diverse ethnicities (African, Indian, Jewish) in an attempt to authenticate your lies. I cannot believe we have hucksters like you in our midst in this day and age. 'You create bias where there was none' to paraphrase a great quote from M.I.T. Professor Thomas A. Kochan who Guzzardi cited in his column.

"And you get paid to do it. Your comeuppance will be justice personified, and I only hope it happens to you sooner rather than later.

"Have you looked in your own "Mirror of privilege" lately? If you did, you'd see a very ugly reflection."

Send Fred e-mail c/o [email protected]

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A California Reader Wants Instructions On How To Leave The Planet

From: Peri McMillan (e-mail)

Re: "Awakened" Saturday Forum Letter: A Florida Reader Says His Next Step Is To Leave The Planet

Like "Awakened," I too consider moving out of the U.S. to get away from the all the Spanish-speaking and pandering that's taken over America. But that's just a pipe dream. And it seems every Western country I read about has its own invasion in progress.

Leaving the planet sounds like the best idea.

I just have one question: How do you do it?

Joe Guzzardi recommends that any reader interested in leaving earth begin his adventure here.

Mc Millan has lived in California since 1964 when it was, he writes, a "different place."

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