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A Washington State Reader Explains To Stillmore, GA, Mayor That Immigration Enforcement Is Not Nazism; etc.

From:  Robin Corkery [e-mail him]

About the recent, perfectly legal and appropriate illegal alien poultry worker arrests in Stillmore, Georgia, Mayor Marilyn Slater said:

"This reminds me of what I read about Nazi Germany, the Gestapo coming in and yanking people up." [Immigration Raid Cripples Georgia Town, by Russ Bynum, Associated Press, September 15, 2006]

If Mayor Marilyn Slater thinks this is what "Nazi Germany" was like, she needs to do more reading.

I lived in Germany from 1947 to 1952 when my father headed the American refugee resettlement in postwar Europe.

Here, for Slater's edification, are the differences between Nazis and enforcing immigration law circa the 21st Century:

  • Jews were rounded up before dawn and put in cattle cars without food, water or toilets.  Illegal aliens will get due process.

  • Jews were starved, beaten, tortured and exposed to the elements after being separated from their spouses and children.  Illegal aliens will either be housed in detention centers where they will be fed and clothed, or, much more likely, released on their own recognizance and swiftly disappear into the millions- strong enclaves of their fellow invaders.

  • Jews were German citizens.  Illegal aliens are not American citizens and they have driven down the wages of those Americans who have the least competitive job skills.

  • Jews were innocent but were murdered. Illegal aliens are criminals. 

Were you sleeping when your teachers taught history, Mayor Slater?

Corkery is a Roman Catholic. His previous letters are here.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Corkery also noted that to replace the vanished alien workforce, Crider Poultry raised wages by $1.00 an hour to the princely sum of $7.75. Disgruntled Wal-Mart employees, earning $5.60 an hour, eagerly applied.

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Another Reader Says Stillmore Arrests Show How Deeply Rooted Greed Is In America

From: [Name Withheld]

Bush's real power lies in the corruption his open borders policy brings with it.

You know the old saying: "He who has the gold rules."

This even applies to people who only have a little money. An example of that corruption is in the story article where Stillmore Mayor Marilyn Slater's son, Keith, complains:

"These people come over here to make a better way of life, not to blow us up"

Slater, the mayor's son, co-owns with his son Regan the B & S convenience store. Business is off 80 percent since the raids. [Immigration Raids Make A Ghost Town In Georgia,, September 15, 2006]

Like many people, the Keith and Regan Slater see no problem with illegal aliens. They see the profits but not the cost.

But Mayor Slater told CNN that illegal aliens had created a doubling in Stillmore's population. As a result: 

"There was overcrowding in the houses, which caused the sewage system to overflow and it's going to cost about a million dollars to get it fixed. And we don't have that kind of money."

When the repair bill comes, Stillmore's few remaining legal residents will foot the bill.

Bush has brought Mexico's corruption to the future Mexico once known as Georgia.

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A Texas Reader Wonders Where VDARE.COM Found Don Collins

From: Michael W. Johnson [e-mail him]

Re: Don Collins' Column: A Democrat Sympathizes With 9/11 Illegals—But Says They Illustrate U.S. Immigration Immorality

Where on earth did you dig up this Democrat Donald A. Collins bozo?

I should know better than to read his columns in the morning. His recent piece about 9/11 victims nearly made me toss my breakfast.

Quoting Collins,

"We feel sorry for people seeking to better themselves by coming to America."

Well, no. Those of us who have functional brains feel sorry for ourselves and our fellow Americans. We're being forced to subsidize many of these illegal aliens who've come to displace us.

As bad as that was, it isn't the part that almost covered my screen with half-digested grits and eggs.

The real Collins corker is,

"The prospect for caring, moral, culturally sensitive immigration reform management remains highly doubtful..."

Caring, moral, culturally sensitive immigration reform? What the hell is that?

I don't know whether I can explain immigration in terms simple enough for Democrats to understand, but I'll try.

Barbarians are invading. They're not coming as army soldiers but disguised as menial laborers and beggars. Nevertheless, they mean to take our land from us, breed non-stop and tax us out of existence for their welfare benefits.

They further intend to replace our people, our language, our culture, our history, our heroes, our holidays, and our government.

Finally, their goal is to thoroughly conquer us.

The walking brain-dead may feel sympathy for them. But I don't.

The only way to repel a barbarian invasion is by force. There's no "caring, culturally sensitive" way to do that, but there is a moral way.

Using force to repel invaders is perfectly moral. Acquiescing in our own destruction is immoral. Survival is moral; suicide is not. If we maintain the effeminate, submissive posture with respect to the invaders that we have up to now, we're finished.

Sorry, Democrats, but we're going to have to be a bit insensitive and downright rude for a while.

Even the invaders don't share your famous sensitivity.

Pretend illegal aliens are Republicans. If you can't swing into forceful action, please don't object when others with more testicular fortitude do it for you.

Johnson is a software engineer living in the Houston area. His previous letter, also expressing a dim view of Democrats, is here

Don Collins replies to this letter and other similar ones he received:

"I am not, as my prior VDARE.COM articles prove, soft on illegal aliens, even those who are 9/11 widows. 

"My column simply pointed out the incompetence, indifference and inconsistency of the elites who run (or actually not) our government. They give a 9/11 widow, an illegal alien, $2 million of our taxpayer money but won't give her a green card.

"I specifically noted in my column that I did not want to argue the issue of the widows being U.S. illegally. They are here, of course, because for 40 years the federal government has ignored immigration's impact on our society."

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An Angry Filipina Reader Says Joe Guzzardi's Ancestors Are Ex-Convicts, Thieves And Mafia Killers

From: Olivia Gonzales [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "Temporary Workers"—First Computer Programmers, Next American Teachers?

I am a Filipina, a member of American Mensa.

I got here because my Mom is Medical Professional [sic].  She was hired from the Philippines, invited by the government to help your stupid citizens who cant [sic] understand science.

Unlike your ancestors who came here as a [sic]ex-convict, an italian [sic] mafia killer maybe or a famine refugee. 

My family came here as medical professionals.

You should be ashamed of yourself.  You think just because your thieving ancestors got here first and probably looks [sic] white, you think your race is way better than everyone else. [sic]

Look at this shit someone wrote:

"Who says the Philippines has a gold mine of trained teachers? The story is weighted down by sugary references to how wonderful the potential teachers are. Their students give them gifts of coconuts and mangos. Missing entirely is an analysis of the challenges facing teachers 'from a little mountain top in the jungle' when they enter an American urban classroom. Also, the reporter did not pick up on the most obvious teachers in the Philippines can earn between $2,100 and $3,600 annually, versus the $37,000 to $44,000 salaries in the U.S."

Joe Guzzardi comments: What's not to love about this letter? First, I proudly admit that I wrote (for The Social Contract Magazine in my pre-VDARE.COM days) the "shit" Gonzales refers to. I urge you to read it here. Second, judging from Gonzales' struggles with correct grammar and spelling, Mensa International has very generous admission standards. Third, I'm wondering what a "medical professional" is. I assume that if Gonzales' parents were doctors or nurses, she would have said so. But what is a "medical professional?" Maybe Gonzales will take the time to enlighten me.

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