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02/26/10 - A Former Mexico Resident Says Radio Talk Show Host Ben Reed Is No Better Than An Illegal Alien

A Hungarian Immigrant Is Shocked By "Un-American" Los Angeles, Suggests We Emulate Singapore; etc.

From: Chris (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Liberal Immigration Patriot Is Shocked By Attacks Against Him in Huffington Post

I want to send a word of encouragement to letter writer Mick Jones.

I'm a Hungarian who has been over the years a legal, though temporary, immigrant to India, Ireland and Singapore. Some would call me an expatriate but I maintain that "foreign talent" as they put it in Singapore, is a better description.

Coming from a not-so-rich eastern European country, I was shocked when I first saw Los Angeles. From the movies, I always assumed it was a glitzy sort of place. I liked Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Malibu.

However, one day I took the wrong public transportation from Universal Studios and ended up in a Latino slum.

There were sick, homeless people everywhere. We did however see a pet ambulance, something unknown outside of Los Angeles. 

Apparently, in America, rich pets get excellent medical care; poor, homeless people not so much.

What baffled me the most was how un-American Los Angeles is.

I thought I was in Mexico City and I have never felt so unsafe in my life, not even when I was in the slums of New Delhi. 

As for Beverly Hills, I was taken aback that in a shopping mall near our hotel the shoppers were almost exclusively Asian. Again, I felt I was in Bangkok or in Singapore, but certainly it did not seem like America to me.

I am puzzled why Americans don't see the obvious truth that California, and some other parts of the country, is being un-Americanized at a rapid pace. 

I will never understand why you let it happen.

For starters, America could adopt the very enlightened immigration policy of Singapore. Unskilled workers are given temporary work permits and must by law be housed in worker's dormitories.

Temporary residents never get the right to stay permanently and must leave the country when their labor is no longer needed. Illegals are jailed, caned and then deported.

A separate system exists for skilled workers called an employment pass. This can only be given to workers earning a minimum of $3,000 monthly.

Employment pass holders need to have at least a Bachelor's Degree and perfect command of English. They can apply for a permanent residency permit that allows them to stay indefinitely, though only their children can become citizens.

Singapore has by far the world's best immigration system. America should adopt it.

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A Utah Political Consultant (Liberal) Explains Why Democrats Attack Patriots

From:  Darrell Mensel (e-mail him) 

In his recent letter, Jones' told of the ugly response he received after posting his views of current U.S. immigration patterns on the Huffington Post.

Jones is not the only liberal who is deeply concerned about the impact of mass immigration on America's culture and future well-being. I count myself in that same group. I'm convinced there are many more like Jones and me.

Of course, too few have Jones' courage to voice his opinion and suffer the abuse, name-calling, and potential loss of friends that often goes along with speaking frankly about immigration.

I know because I'm one of the few liberals in my social sphere to publicly express patriotic views like Jones' and I've gotten responses similar to the ones leveled at him—"racist," "nativist," and so on

Initially, I was surprised by such obvious narrow-mindedness from liberals who otherwise pride themselves on intellectualism and critical thinking. Now, sadly, I've learned to expect it.

Personal attacks from liberals evolve from their naive views about immigration and their conviction that multiculturalism is a secular religion

Liberals never challenge most of the tenets of multiculturalism just as a Christian would not challenge the basic tenets of Christianity. Instead, they lash out with name-calling because they have no intellectually valid response.

Because of my longstanding concerns about immigration and because I'm fed up with the Democratic Party pandering to immigrants to secure their future votes, I've dropped my party affiliation and I'm advising an Independent congressional candidate in Utah.

Jones should keep speaking out in the public arena. He is not alone.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Because Mensel's candidate has not announced his formal position on immigration, he has asked not to be identified. We remain hopeful that Mensel will influence him to campaign vigorously on an immigration moratorium platform.

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A Moderate Democrat Retires From Liberalism, Joins Patriot Side

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: "Defensor de la Raza" Talk Show Host Ben Reed Presents His Side; Allan Wall Replies

Reed could not be more off base in his claim that VDARE.COM is a "sordid" site.

I am a Democrat, have voted for Jimmy Carter and Al Gore and until a few years ago considered myself a liberal. Like Reed, my politics and views have changed but mine have taken a more constructive direction.

Unlike Reed, I consider the reduction of illegal and legal immigration one of the most important issues facing America.

I read VDARE.COM daily. While I do not agree with all of the contributors on the site, I trust it more than the mainstream media or either major political party. VDARE.COM is an invaluable source for me to learn about the immigration crisis because it has columns detailing the invasion that I rarely find elsewhere.

Through VDARE.COM, I learned about Barbara Jordan and her 1995 bipartisan Commission on Immigration Reform that recommended ways to stop illegal immigration. The Clinton administration applauded her findings.

Most constructive among Jordan's suggestions was a National ID card to be used only twice in a person´s life, when they are applying for employment or social services.

Since most illegal aliens come for jobs and benefits, the card would have denied them. Jordan's card, along with her commission's other ideas, was killed off by the usual treasonous suspects.

Reed obviously does not know that Cesar Chavez protested the illegal alien invasion coming to work on the farms he was trying to unionize because they brought down the wages of farm workers here. I learned that from Steve Sailer.  

Like Reed, I once thought that I traveled the morally superior road and with my liberal friends made fun of those who called for limited immigration. I now understand that Immigration is a tax on the working poor and that the current unending wave of immigration accelerates the destruction of the middle class.

As for the country that Reed admires so much, Mexico, it has wonderful immigration laws that my country should emulate.

Mexico gives a preference to those immigrating from Spain, not because it is racist, but because those from Spain share the culture, history, ethnicity and language that will allow for the smoothest assimilation.

America used to have a similar immigration policy that I hope it will one day return to it.

And yes, I learned that from VDARE.COM, too.

Jackson lives in Florida.

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