A Former Mexico Resident Says Radio Talk Show Host Ben Reed Is No Better Than An Illegal Alien
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From: Deborah (e-mail her)

Re: Saturday Forum: "Defensor de la Raza" Talk Show Host Ben Reed Present His Side; Allan Wall Replies

As a Californian living in a state ruined by illegal immigration, I am compelled to reply to the treasonous Ben Reed.

Reed [e-mail him] claims Mexicans don't want to change the cultural fabric of America. 

Where has he been at least for the past 20 years?  We've lost our schools, jobs, wages, homes, and billions of dollars supporting illegal aliens!

When I lived in Mexico, I respected its laws for two reasons.  First, I was in their country as a non-citizen. Two, I knew that if I broke the law, I would be punished in short order.

Too bad Mexicans living in America don't have the same regard for our laws that I had for theirs

Reed should take his traitorous bleeding heart and his propaganda and leave America. He's no better than the millions of illegal aliens living here.

Deborah's previous letter is here

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