TWO Readers Report Google Disappearing Us From Search Results (We're Back, But Bookmark
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog item Google Memoryholes My Blog

From: A Reader In Europe [Email her]

I hope this finds you and your beautiful family well and far from the madding crowd.

Please don't tell me VDARE and Radio Derb are no longer findable on the internet?

I looked for both just now and Google did not produce the URLs.

Quel horreur as we say in French speaking Europe when something terrible has happened.

From: Tom In Alaska [Email her]

Love your writing, and all the other good writing and reporting on your site.

Just Googled "VDARE" on my work PC (I know, gotta be careful!) and vdare com is on the top...of the *second* search engine results page!

It's on the *bottom* of a search on my phone...

I think you likely knew this. You surely knew it didn't come up first. But I swear it's gotten worse very recently!!!

Of course all the first hits are derogatory. Funny that doesn't happen with leftist site searches...

James Fulford writes: This was noticed by Gateway Pundit and Rod Dreher among others.

Google Disappears Gateway Pundit : Searching for “Gateway Pundit” only Brings Up Hit Pieces, BUT NO LINK TO WEBSITE …Update: They Did This With Top Conservative Websites! – Claim It Was ‘Technical Issue’ By Jim Hoft,  July 21, 2020

Google is claiming that this temporary glitch was a technical problem with no political motivation. There's no reason to believe that—even if the spokesman is telling the truth, sabotage could have been committed by low-level Woke employees without any company knowledge.

Also, Google's bigotry is well-known: Project Veritas has them on video saying they'd suppress conservatives. See Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul”, August 14, 2019.

Also see

And bookmark!

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