A Reader Whose Family Includes P.O.W.s Notes PTSD Effects in John McCain
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From: Earl Wilson (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: A 9/11 FSA Member Says John McCain Lied To His Face During A Personal One-On-One Conversation

Some of my family members were prisoners of war who were captured by the Japanese and held in the Philippines.  They served from January 1942 to the Battle of Manila, 1945

Throughout my lifetime, I have witnessed the severe, permanent medical and emotional damage caused by the prolonged effects of wartime internment on former military prisoners, particularly my uncles and my father.

All suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder

Sen. John McCain exhibits the same psychological symptoms as my family but on a more extreme level.

McCain is subject to fits of anger and impaired judgment. Like President Bush, McCain is severely bull-headed. Look at their inflexibility, for example, on immigration and amnesty. Their stubbornness may possibly be exacerbated as the result of untreated alcoholism.  

Should McCain be elected president, he may be prone to more catastrophic decision-making errors because of his PTSD condition.

Interestingly, the truth about McCain and PTSD is available. The U.S. Navy has extensive records on the emotional problems suffered by those who were captured during the Vietnam era.

Whether the Navy chooses to share its findings or not is another matter. 

Wilson is retired and lives in Florida.

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