Today's Letter: A Reader Writes From El Salvador About Deadbeat Immigrant Dads
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February 27, 2004

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From:  "Raymond McClaren" in El Salvador

Re:  Memo From Mexico: Deadbeat Dads Don't Stop At The Rio Grande, by Allan Wall

It was interesting reading Allan Wall's article on family desertion today because I live in El Salvador, and the same situation exists here. In fact, I just completed a legal proceeding by telephone in New York State over a family support petition.

At least I can say that my client put an offer on the table, which he will honor. It is not only Washington that creates this type of social dislocation, but also the Mexican and Salvadoran governments through their only successful policy—expelling the people to work in the US to send remesas to float their exclusionary economies.

Somebody is going to discover some day that the governments of Latin America, at least in the Mestizo countries, do a better job of governing in the United States than they do in their own nations.  

As proof, witness the meddling of the Zedillo and Fox governments in the internal affairs of the U.S. and the pathetic groveling to the Salvadoran government in Washington.

On a final note: since the two countries mentioned do not produce leaders with the moral and intellectual capacity to develop a nation, the current immigration bollix will continue until Washington starts to represent the United States—that is prefers brothers to others—instead of representing itself.  

Saludos Cordiales desde San Miguel en El Salvador,

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