"Haughty, French" Kerry vs. Alfred E. Bush—And J. Tarantoad
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February 24, 2004

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From:  Arlene Lopas [[email protected]]

I happened to read James Taranto's column on John Kerry today with his description of Kerry's "haughty, French appearance" (such derogatory terms!) but with no mention of our current President's resemblance to Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine

I wonder how effective the continual use of the nasty words "haughty and French" will be in discouraging the electorate to choose a different man to run the country in the next presidential election.

[VDARE.COM NOTE: This "haughty, French-looking" thing appears to be running gag on OpinionJournal.com.  Just like "Tarantoad" is for us.]

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