A North Carolina Reader Reports Gaston County Is Fighting Back
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04/27/07 - A Reader Reproaches Us For Not Spelling Things Out

From: J Paige Straley [Email]

Click on this story for a rare bit of good news:  Gaston County Sends B of A A Message| Awards Account To Wachovia Over Immigrant Credit Card, But At A Cost Of $120,000 [By Jefferson George, Charlotte Observer, Apr. 27, 2007]

The County Commissioners of Gaston County hit them where it hurts.  They changed their credit card arrangements from Bank of America to Wachovia because of B of A;s  Hispandering to illegal immigrants! 

"The county's board of commissioners spurned Bank of America because it offers a credit card that can be obtained without a Social Security number and could be used by illegal immigrants.

The vote follows one last fall in which the commissioners directed county staff to cut funding for programs and services used by illegal immigrants."

It  cost Gaston a bit of money, but the found that the banking was somewhat more convenient with Wachovia, so that the savings in employee time adequately compensated for the additional spending.

The Gaston County Sheriff's Department also takes part in the 287 (g) program to identify illegal aliens. [See North Carolina Sheriff Uses 287(G) Powers, Acts Against Illegal Immigration!, September 20, 2006 ]

It looks like the County Government is taking a position on the side of America.  Now if we could just get the Federals to do the same!

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