Today's Letter: A Reader Eavesdrops On Vicente Fox's Weekly Radio Address
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From: A New York Reader

Like BabyBush, Vicente Fox gives a weekly radio address.  Also like BabyBush, Fox gives it in Spanish. This week he seized the opportunity provided by his 14 dead countrymen in Arizona to press Bush immediately to give legal status to all Mexican illegal aliens in the United States and to justify the survival kits his government plans to give would-be invaders. He presents some new (to me) justifications. Noting that Americans on average are older than Mexicans, he says: "It is excellent that we have those young men, that energy and talent that our country needs, but that the United States also needs. From that comes this situation, that they understand the importance, for the growth of their economy, of being able to rely on Mexican workers." 

He went on to say that only two groups in the United States oppose the presence of Mexican workers:  labor unions (I thought they had given in, in hopes of increasing their memberships and generating Democrat votes) and America's own "paisanos" who are aware of the greater competence of Mexicans. 

So it seems that the unlimited flood of peones into the U.S. is being facilitated by the Mexican government as an act of altruism, to come to the rescue of an aging and inept neighbor. We should be grateful.

May 29, 2001

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